204,000 Fangirls Who Need To Be Stopped


For the sake of future generations, can we please stop crushing on felons this Friday? If you have any self-respect, you will not participate in #FelonCrushFriday. 

Of course, it is a natural human occurrence to be attracted to others. However, to allow this simple attraction to permeate into a developed crush, enough to publicly announce one’s love for an alleged felon waiting conviction is worrisome. 

The Charges

Let’s backtrack a bit. In case any of you missed the numerous Instagram and Facebook posts, along with news coverage regarding this topic, here is what happened:

Last Thursday, Jeremy Meeks was arrested for firearm possession and gang related charges. 

In the hours following the incident, he gained an outrageous amount of attention—for being good looking. Apparently, the Internet’s estrogen went absolutely wild over this guy. 

And then—well, then there was Friday. Or, as social media users now call it, #FelonCrushFriday. 

A Rising “Star” 

I kid you not; women are offering to birth his children. It didn’t stop there, though. When his previous two mug shots found their way to social media this week, enthralled young women continued touting their love for him, proclaiming that he “has aged like a fine wine.” Third time’s a charm?

This isn’t to say that people can’t change or that they don’t deserve a second (or fourth) chance. In fact, this certainly isn’t even an attack on Jeremy Meeks’ character, as I do not know him (and I don’t dream of it). This post is only to say that we should not be celebrating a person during their lowest moment. 

America, the Beautiful

Since the release of the notorious mug shot, men have followed suit, showing that women are not the only culprits perpetuating “criminal celebration” (AKA anti felon-shaming?). Felon Crush Friday is now, officially, in full swing—unlike my hopes for the future of America. 

Even worse, there is now a Jeremy Meeks Facebook fan page with “JeremyMeeksDreamyMcMugShot” as part of the URL. In less than one week, this page has almost 204,000 likes. This guy’s mug shot has garnered more attention than teenage pop superstar Justin Bieber’s.

Celebrating Crime, One Convict at a Time

A strange thought: What will happen once a convicted felon graduates as “most popular” in the slammer’s yearbook? It is our responsibility to keep this attention from going to his head—that gorgeous, gorgeous head. All jokes aside, let’s cut it out. 

Can we just take a second to understand the gravity of this situation? Less than one week after his arrest, two people lost their lives during a gang related mass shooting in Miami. So, why are we celebrating criminals?

Ultimately, it’s not really my choice. Friday is quickly approaching; what’s your stance?