21 Bitter Things All Single People Have Thought At Least Once


Except for all you special single snowflakes of course!

1. “A lot of people in relationships are just afraid to be alone which is kinda sad.”

2. (Said about someone you know.) “I’d rather die alone than be in that kind of relationship.”

3. “Why the hell do people feel the need to plaster their love all over the Internet?”

4.(Also said about someone you know) “How are THEY in a relationship yet I am not?”

5. “I’m so glad I’m not settling like so many other people though.”

6. “If you don’t live in a big city, I feel like you just get married because there’s nothing else to do.”

7.  “Yeah, we used to be friends. But then she/he got in a relationship and I never saw them again.”

8. “People in relationships these days are just so annoying. Like good for you, but do we all need to hear about it?”

9. “Yep, I give that relationship [X] months.”

10. “All these people who are “in relationships” on Facebook will feel extra awkward when they break-up, won’t they?”

11. “Many relationships are basically two miserable people dating each other, which makes sense because misery loves company!”

12. “I’d rather be alone by myself than be alone when I’m supposed to be with someone.”

13. “Money over bitches anyway.”

14. (Said on Valentine’s Day.) “I’m so glad I don’t have to spend money on anyone.”

15. “Must they bring their boyfriend/girlfriend everywhere?”

16. “I hope they never break-up because I wouldn’t want to deal with the mess that he/she is going to become.”

17. “Did you see what he/she wrote on his/her Facebook? Disgusting.”

18. “I feel like people who go overboard with PDA generally have the worst relationships ever, behind closed doors.”

19. “They probably shouldn’t get married because they will definitely get divorced.”

20. “We’re all going to die alone anyway, aren’t we?”

21. “At least Tequila and pizza will always be there for me.”