21 Bone Chilling Six Word Horror Stories About Your Ex


Christopher Hudspeth and I went a little King, a little Hemmingway, and wrote some very short horror stories about your ex. Here are a few.

1. And then they started walking over.

2. Are you still up right now?

3. We need to talk, he/she said.

4. [INSERT EX’S USERNAME] liked your photo

5. [INSERT EX’S FACEBOOK NAME] is attending

6. Hey, isn’t that him/her over there?

7. You have seven new voicemails from:

8. Connect with [EX’S NAME] on LinkedIn!

9. Don’t look, but he’s coming over.

10. “I miss you, can we talk?”

11. When can I bring your stuff?

12. “Ran into _____, they looked good.”

13. “Wish [EX’s NAME] a happy birthday!”

14. “I saw that you unfollowed me.”

15. *Phone rings* Call from Restricted

16. “Let’s Get Back Together” (Part 5)

17. *Accidentally swipes ex right on Tinder*

18. “Let’s get coffee and catch up?”

19. *Your ex’s favorite song begins playing*

20. *Stops at longest light: THEIR CAR*

21. *Opens wallet for condom: THEIR FACE*