21 Brilliant Jackie Collins Quotes About Women, Sex, Love, And Writing To Remember The Best-Selling Author


1. “Love does not appear with any warning signs. You fall into it as if pushed from a high diving board. No time to think about what’s happening. It’s inevitable.”

2. “Men are cheaters. Women are not to be trusted. And most people are dumb.”

3. “Shit happens. You need to move on.”

4. “Love’s not what makes the world go around.”

5. “First lust then love.”

6. “We all have this dream that men out there have integrity — not a lot of them exist but there are some. Go find them!”

7. “Expecting conceit they found courtesy. Expecting arrogance they found a man concerned with people’s thoughts and feelings.”

8. “I think I’ve helped people’s sex lives. Sex is a driving force in the world so I don’t think it’s unusual that I write about sex. I try to make it erotic, too.”

9. “On my tombstone, I want to have the words: ‘She gave a lot of people a lot of pleasure’.”

10. “I really fall in love with my characters, even the bad ones. I love getting together with them. They tell me what to do; they take me on a wild and wonderful trip.”

11. “It’s true that I published my first novel in 1968, when no one was writing about sex except Philip Roth.”

12. “I am still shocking people today, and I don’t know why. Is it because I’m a woman talking about sex and men?”

13. “Whatever you have a passion for, then you must do. If you want to write, write about something you know about.”

14. “My philosophy for women is this: if you’re going to get married and have a fabulous marriage … then you’re going to have to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do before you get married.”

15. “Who is ready to settle for five minutes when three hours does nicely?”

16. Authors change publishers because it’s like being married for a long time and suddenly you want to go out and have a wild affair!

17. “My biggest critics are the people who’ve never read me. It doesn’t bother me at all.”

18. “Writing sex happens like it happens in life — organically.”

19. “The truth would set her free. Only then would she be able to get on with her life.”

20. “But I think if you’re going to indulge yourself, you may as well indulge, you know?”

21. “You only have one life or maybe more because I believe in the afterlife.”