21 Daring Things You Must Do Without Asking To Become The Kickass Lady You Know You Are


Stop asking if something’s okay and just roll with it!

I’m the most frustrating person to get advice from. If you ask me if that lipstick looks good on you, I’ll ask turn the question around and ask you if you like it.

Can I pull off bangs? Does this nail color go with my outfit? What should I text him back? STOP. When you stop asking permission and start making your own decisions, you start respecting yourself more. You’re saying: I trust myself with my own life. No one else is in charge but me.
Constantly needing a second opinion breeds way too much guilt. I blame social media. Next time you tweet out a picture of yourself in a changing room, asking everyone’s advice, think for two seconds how wearing that outfit actually makes you feel. If you feel like the kickass leading lady you know you are, buy it.

If you’re asking someone else for permission … chances are, you probably already know the answer.

I dare you to not ask permission for one of these things today. Get drunk off that feeling, ladies! It’s a good one.

1. Going after a job that’s risky (but fulfilling).

2. Wearing ANYTHING you like.

3. Getting the haircut you have in your dreams.

4. Trying something new (and possibly risky) with your makeup. Cat eye, here I come!

5. Feeling the way that you feel, and not feeling guilty about it.

6. Having that red velvet cupcake (or three).

7. …Or having that kale salad!

8. Knowing that you are, in fact, good enough, even when someone tells you you’re not.

9. Asking that person out that you’ve had your eye on. (All they can say is no!)

10. Admitting what you really want. Even if you’ve never said it out loud before.

11. Having hobbies that take you away from your friends sometimes.

12. Wearing a bikini. Get it, girl!

13. Doing something just because it “feels right.”

14. Taking that selfie and posting it EVERYWHERE.

15. Not meeting someone else’s expectations.

16. Asking the DJ to play your song.

17. Taking care of yourself. Emotionally, sexually, physically, spiritually.

18. Rescheduling plans to have “me time.”

19. Doing whatever you need to do to be less stressed at work.

20. Needing more (or less) from a friend.

21. Make the first move… in ANY situation!

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