21 Extremely Valuable Things To Know When You’re 21


1. Everyone is lost. Some people just cope with that by making themselves and everyone else around them believe they aren’t. Getting lost is a good thing.

2. Getting lost is a good thing.

3. Embracing your sexy side is fun, but it doesn’t come without people thinking it is okay to judge your character by the way you dress.

4. It takes time to figure out your alcohol tolerance and there is nothing wrong with having a couple messy nights while you’re on your way to learning your body’s reaction to different drinks.

5. People will treat you based their assumptions about you and that does not always mean that it is what you deserve.

6. Walk away from abuse. You are better than that.

7. If your ultimate goal is to be happy, you have to trust what your heart wants.

8. Family can be toxic and you are not a bad person for enforcing your boundaries around them.

9. Love is nice, but it isn’t your priority.

10. You can love someone without giving them so much of yourself that you eventually lose yourself.

11. Putting yourself first can make you happy.

12. Listening to other people is useful but don’t let them make our decisions for you.

13. Learning how to be content alone will do wonders for you.

14. Being a good friend is not only beneficial socially but will also help you as you build your career.

15. You should try everything at least once, you can find a new passion anywhere.

16. Spending time with children isn’t always scary, it can be refreshing and remind you why you always use protection.

17. Spirituality is complicated and completely personal. Questioning what you were taught and exploring other things does not make you a bad person.

18. Finding your style helps you find what you want to say to the world every day.

19. Lots of the ideals you grew up with are bullshit and it is okay to let go of them.

20. Your definitions of good and bad people are going to change, don’t be afraid of that.

21. You know those questions that keep you up at night about the universe and how to know if what you are doing is right? Yeah, no one has those answers.