21 Feel-Good Fashion Moments Every Woman Should Get To Experience


1. That first true spring day after a long, dreary winter where it is finally warm enough for you to wear open-toed shoes.

2. And the first day you can leave the house without questioning if leaving a coat at home or wearing shorts was the wisest of decisions. Your bare arms and legs deserve vitamin D, too.

3. Keeping your ratty Uggs around to slip into the minute you get home from a day of conquering the world in your heels. (I know they are questionable footwear at best, but you can pry those suckers from my cold, dead hands.)

4. Discovering something genuinely good at Forever 21. Not good-for-Forever-21. Just good. You’ve heard all the mythical stories, but the minute you find a dress that looks way more luxe than $19.70 is a cause for celebration.

5. Doing the little pants-dance to shimmy into dryer-fresh jeans, knowing full well that all that effort will pay off when you turn in the mirror and see a booty Jenny Lopez would covet.

6. The day you learned that buying a half-size up and doubling up on the shoe inserts would make even the most towering high heels feel comfy.

7. Running errands all day in workout clothes — even if you didn’t go to the gym, nobody else knows you didn’t go to the gym, and that little white lie is success in and of itself.

8. Happening upon that one item of clothing that works so flawlessly, you wind up buying it in multiple colors and it becomes something of a signature.

9. Seven little words: Take. 50. Percent. Off. The. Sale. Price.

10. Shaving your legs even though you know you’re going to put on pants, because nothing replaces that smoothy-smooth feeling of fabric on your newly bare legs.

11. Finally having a reason to wear that one splurge piece you bought with zero rhyme or reason other than you wanted it (be it a dress worthy of a black-tie gala, a sparkly necklace, or a power suit for crushing it at your quarterly presentation).

12. Purchasing really cute workout clothes with at least the intention of actually using them. You know. As motivation.

13. Chancing upon an outfit combination that is so effortless and natural, yet unique enough that it just blends seamlessly into You As A Person that you just have to Instagram it right. now. (Make a mental note to save this combination for a day when you really need that boost.)

14. Finding a red lipstick that actually works for you.

15. Putting your favorite items of clothing together on one side of the closet as though you’re making a lineup of your “go-to” pieces, and for a brief, glorious second, it feels like maybe the whole “dressing like a grown up” thing isn’t so hard.

16. Finding a bias-cut black, cinch-waisted or downward-leaning striped anything that makes you look like you could give a Victoria’s Secret model a run for her money the second you put it on.

17. Seeing something beautiful at a store that you’re not entirely sold on, only to push back a few hangers and discover that it also comes in your favorite color.

18. Making pajamas an art form, or at least buying a short, silky robe that you can keep on hand if and when the occasion to just casually happen to be caught wearing it arises.

19. Scoring an oversized sweater that is actually cute, unprecedentedly comfortable, and FLATTERING.

20. That wonderful day when you can throw down the chunk of cash you’ve been saving for something you’ve been lusting over, and you just hear “The shoes on my feet? I bought ’em” echoing in your independent lil’ head.

21. Wearing a really cute outfit and realizing that wherever you’re going tomorrow will not require you to see the same people, so you can wear it again — and no one will know the difference.