21 Girly Things That Grown-Ass Men Keep In Their Bedrooms


A severed head. LOL, jk. This list will not be delightfully laugh-goth, even though I love and respect Ariana Grande’s terror-hot feminine hustle. No, this list will be full of gender identity-stereotype-based clichés (hyphens!) that I stand by — for the purpose of improving bedrooms everywhere. “why the reliance on ‘girly,’ tho?” you might think, in appropriate 2k15 shorthand. Because! Stereotypically feminine, ‘girly’ things tend to be more hygienic, alluring, and all-around, dare I say, better. Let’s all be girly as hell and make everything smell good. Here are a few of the things you can put in your bedroom to start the revolution (or at least stop being disgusting.)

1. Candles. Mad scented candles.

2. Framed art.

3. A trash can. A non-ugly trash can.

4. A towel rack. For maximum post-shower preparedness.

5. A coat rack.

6. RACKS ON RACKS. Sorry. But really. A shoe rack is a good move. Racks, of course, are not the most inherently girly thing. But not a lot of things on this list are, and that’s really the point. That and I always see dude’s stuff in piles — embrace rack city, bitch.

7. An electric kettle for tea, cup o’ noodles, and other instant food pleasure purposes.

8. Personal affectations in the form of mementos: ticket stubs, notebooks, clippings. Things you care about.

9. Slippers! For leisure.

10. A bathrobe. For extravagant leisure.

11. A soft throw blanket, for the simplest luxurious of leisure.

12. One very important, aesthetically pleasing morning hot beverage mug.

13. Fresh flowers and/or potted plants.

14. A non-plastic laundry bin.

15. A real bed frame, one that you enjoyed, wanted, and set up and thought “yeah” as opposed to “but I could just put my mattress on the floor tho.”

16. Pillows. A few good choice ones in addition to the bed ones, decorative but functional.

17. An overhead light, twinkly strand lights, and/or a good standing lamp. A well-lit place is lit.

18. Good books, music, and magazines at the ready.

19. Chapstick. Spare lip balms everywhere.

20. Moisturizer, the kind you actively use. Next to your cologne, a good scent.

21. An organized bureau of drawers and/or a cozy closet. Full of only the things you really like, the good ones, and the not-so-good things you’re just stoked on — yeah, those old concert tee shirts. From seventh grade. Keep those. Tucked away, though. Preserved in boyhood, proudly.

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