21 Happenstance Things That Will Instantly Improve Your Day


1. Walking down a street aligned with beautiful foliage, while leaves gracefully fall on your head with just the right amount of breeze that ruffles your hair in a sexy way.

2. Throwing trash in a newly emptied trash bin.

3. When the PERFECT song comes up on your iPhone/iPod.

4. Being complimented on your outfit/hair/general looks by a random person.

5. Catching the bus/train right when it gets there when you weren’t even rushing to try and make it on time.

6. Finding cash in your coat pockets from weeks ago.

7. Coming across a quotation that you definitely needed to read at that moment. New life credo.

8. Having a crush text you at the same exact moment you were thinking of texting them. It’s like he knows.

9. Realizing you racked up enough stamps on a loyalty card to get any free drink of your choice.

10. The moment on a test you were SO glad you were awake in class for, because otherwise you wouldn’t have known the answer to the question.

11. Seeing St. Bernards, huskies, or corgis frolic in a park. Unless you’re exclusively a cat person, then think cats instead.

12. Running around the block at sundown, while the sun is at just the right angle where the skies turn from blue to orange to pink.

13. When your coffee is perfectly crafted to your palate. It isn’t too bitter or too hot.

14. When your name is correctly spelled on a Starbucks cup.

15. Effortlessly spending NO money on any given day. Always a guaranteed pick-me-up for anyone trying to save money, which should be all of us.

16. Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Is it obvious that I have a strong loving relationship with coffee?

17. Acknowledging when you’ve had too much coffee, and making the deliberate choice to have some hot chocolate instead. Because you deserve it and wanted to shake up your life a bit.

18. Taking your time to get ready in the morning because you happen to feel well rested and woke up at timely hour… on a weekday.

19. Extended deadlines.

20. Acknowledging that you’re at the perfect level of tipsiness. Not too sober that you realize the incredible awkwardness of dance clubs, but not too drunk that you start losing your balance the moment you hear Ke$ha.

21. Reading a Thought Catalog article that makes you feel like you’re not the only anxious, delusional, hopelessly romantic, twenty-something in the world.