21 Happy Songs About Being Incredibly Sad, Because Feelings


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Do you have feelings? Do you ever feel more than one feeling? I once cried while eating a sandwich, and damn—I love sandwiches. That was a confusing time for me. Love and sadness. Heaviness and lightness. The misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms.

In all seriousness—happy jokes about sad-eating aside—some of the most uplifting, upbeat jams out there are about feeling utterly blank. They’re my favorite because they pick me up without force-feeding happiness to my already emotionally confused appetite. They’re substantial yet easy; the milkshakes of music. Listen to this playlist of some of the most feelings-filled songs in the game. If you whistle them, they’ll brighten any unsuspecting passerby’s day. If you send their lyrics to someone, you might get several “everything okay?” texts. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Or you will be, but the low key disappointed tune you’re singing will be catchy as hell.

Image credit: Franca Gimenez