21 Life Lessons I’ve Learned In 21 Years


1. Try, try, try. 

Often, I’ve found myself to want to give up when the going gets tough, especially in terms of academics. I want to give up so many times, but, I refuse to. I’m not going to let myself be the reason for my downfall. 

2. GO OUT. 

I can’t stress this enough. Going to a commuter school and living at home, as well as being a student, really takes a toll. All we tend to do is study, study, study. Go out, try new things, make plans. Do it regardless. Don’t hole yourself up in your dorm room or bedroom or apartment.

3. Make an effort with others. 

Make the effort with your friends, especially. Regardless. You don’t want to come back and say I didn’t make an effort and regret it later. Do as best if you can. If the other person in the relationship can’t reciprocate, it’s their loss. 

4. Say ‘I love you’ as much as you want and can.

Say it often. Say it every night. I promise it does not lose its meaning. Let the ones you love know you love them. Say it loud, say it proud. I’ll say it like 5000 times a day. I have no regrets. 

5. Offer your help to others as much as you can. 

This is probably one of those things that I probably go out of way to do. I’m consistently asking others if they need anything or if they need help. To be honest, I probably help people with their work way too much, but it’s rewarding and so worth it. 

6. Don’t take people for granted. 

It is so easy to forget that people are easy to lose. God damn it, don’t make the mistake of taking people for granted. It ruins relationships. It is one of the worst feelings to be taken for granted. Don’t let anyone you care about feel that way. Don’t lose people because of it. you’ll regret it. 

7. Write it out. 

To be honest, I used to write a lot. I wrote every second of every day I had free time. And then it dwindled until I couldn’t write anymore. And now I find that, every feeling, every conversation, everything you want to say, benefits with some form of writing. Writing a word, or two, or even a novel to someone before you say something or confront someone, actually helps you figure out what you feel and need to say.

8. If someone you care about makes you feel guilty about being happy, cut them out. 

Do it. You won’t regret it. 

9. The people in your life should lift you up and make you better in some sort of way.

Don’t let anyone bring you down. It’s your life. Not theirs. Make sure the relationships you have are good for you and the other person involved. Every friendship, every relationship, should include both parties making an effort to help each other and make each other better.


 The mistakes I’ve made in my academic career have literally made so many things hard. Do the best you can. It’s literally the one thing that will keep you going in your career. If you don’t try hard, you’ll miss out on opportunities you could have in the future. I know it’s obvious, but I kind of wish I had someone besides my parents yelling at me to work hard consistently since my freshman year of high school.


I have changed what I have wanted to do so many times in my college career. At one point I wanted to be a writer, and another a CEO. Yet the one thing I always came back to was medicine. And it’s okay to not know. It’s okay to think you’re messing up, and it’s okay to doubt if you can do it. Just don’t let it tear you down and make you give up.

12. To be honest, it is OKAY to screw up in any part of life. 

Like I said, don’t let it define you.

13. Sing along to every song. 

Do not care if anyone is listening. It is irrelevant. Sing to make your heart happy. Sing to laugh. Sing to feel better. Just sing. (Even if you think your voice sucks)

14. Laughter is the best medicine. 

Make jokes all the time. Literally, sex jokes are the most relieving things in the world. Be sexual with your best friends. Say the stupidest things. Make fun of yourself.

15. Take mental health days. 

Seriously, if I didn’t do these, I think I would have caved under the pressure. Take them. Take a day, take a few hours, and do nothing but soothing things. Watch a funny movie, take a bubble bath, go on a drive. Help yourself. Then, get up the next day and get back on your grind.

16. Always ask people if they’re okay. 

To be honest, if you see someone hurting, it always helps to just ask them what is wrong. Yes, they may not open up or they may lie and say nothing is wrong, but they at least know that someone is there for them, regardless.

17. You’re worth it. You are always more than you think you are. 

No explanation necessary. 

18. Never forget the people who are there for you in the dark and in the light. 

These people are your light. They will keep you going. They will hold your hand through every obstacle and every win. Don’t let them go.

19. Make your family and friends a priority. 

These are people who are by your side 24/7. Especially your family. I’ve learned so much with the people I love and you never know what can change. 

20. You’re your first priority. 

Never let anything or anyone take a step before you. Your health, your happiness, and above all, you and everything about you is the most important.

21. Spread your love. 

 For me personally, I’ve always found it hard to love myself, so honestly, the biggest thing I’ve done I think to make up for that love, is to love others. I’ve always disagreed with the sentiment that unless you love yourself, you can’t love others, and you can’t expect others to love you. I, however, disagree and believe that you can. Love others as much as you can. Don’t let yourself believe your love is insignificant. Every bit of love, every ounce of it, means the world to someone. 

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