21 People Reveal The Most NSFW Thing To Ever Happen At Their School


School is a pretty shitty place, right? I mean you get ferried to all these classes that you are forced to take and then you leave. But somehow these people made the whole thing even WORSE with all these totally WTF moments. Read on:

1. Spying on girls

IT guy was investigating what was eating up all the school’s bandwidth and discovered that there was a computer streaming video 24/7. They figure out the computer belonged to a teacher and the video that was being uploaded was coming from a camera he placed in his desk at knee level and one in the closet in his classroom that was looking through a hole drilled in the wall that was shared with the girls bathroom.

Many girls were identified from the videos and offered counselling and the girls bathroom was locked down for a few days. Before the news broke everyone was guessing as to why the bathroom had become a crime scene.

When the police raided the teacher’s house they found hard drives filled with cp and large amounts of cocaine and meth.

2. Predator teacher

My 7th grade teacher had ongoing sexual relationships with 3 boys between the ages of 11-13.

I just looked her up, and apparently she got 6 years, so she’s been out for quite a few years now.

3. Don’t shit there

Once, at high school, we had a girls only assembly to address the issue of “Who shat in the pad bin?” Never found out who it was, but was pretty scandalous at the time.

4. Got distracted in class

Happened in my Sophomore or Junior year of high school.

A seventh grade girl was suspended for jacking off two guys during class.

5. Not quite a teacher’s pet

Kid went to the toilet, took a dump, put that into a zip lock bag and put it in the teacher desk draw for a prank

6. More than computers in this lab

Kid got caught jerking off in the computer lab.

7. Using sin to find the answer

A guy got suspended for jerking off in math class.

8. LOL

Back in preschool we used to play with these DBZ bottle cap thingies. I don’t remember what they were called. They were made out of metal and you’d stack the pot on top of each other and throw another one onto the pot and received whatever landed face down from the pot. As you can guess that shit was noisy as hell.

My homeroom teacher got fed up with it and confiscated them. Of course, the little bubs we were, he basicly stole our stuff in our eyes. So we stole them back out of his bag, nicking an additional dildo for revenge. We had no idea what the hell it was, but it was in his bag so we took it and showed off our bounty during breaktime. Secrets not being kept secret, pointed questions were soon asked, awkward answers were given, and mortified parents were informed that their children ran around, playing with a rubber dildo stolen from the teacher.

9. “Oral” exam?

During college, had oral exam for trade law 1, male teacher. The system was always 1 person gets in, gets the questions, 15mins to prepare, then does the oral exam. While that person does the oral exam, a new student comes in, prepares his/her questions, etc.

Anyway, I get in, take my questions (pick 3 cards out of random 30). Student sitting at the desk ready for the oral part. Grown man, late 40-ies sitting in the back reading a newspaper. Weird. Anyway, I prepare, do the oral bit, get my grade at the end, I passed. All’s well. I leave the room and other students who still have to do the exam huddle around me for questions. I tell’em what I know, and I also point out that there’s some adult dude in the back. Another student says that our teacher apparently had inappropriate relationships with a female student and had received a warning from the school (no proof only hearsay). The other man in the back of the room is simply there to make sure nothing happens anymore.

Anyway, one year later, supposed to have this dude again for Trade Law part 2, new teacher. Apparently the guy from last year went to a female student’s house to do an oral exam there, and the school didn’t like that.

10. Blood. Everywhere.

I walked into the bathroom and there was blood EVERYWHERE. Wall. Toilet. Sink. Floor. Urinal. Dunno if it was a stabbing or what, but it was the guys room so definitely wasn’t someone’s time of the month.

11. Cafeteria orgy

A male junior had a three-way with two sophomore girls in the cafeteria bathroom while a bunch of students watched.

12. Jizz ear

A couple from my high school were at a party and a third girl was sleeping on the couch. The first girl gave the guy a BJ and didn’t want it on her so she pointed the guy away and he came in the second girl’s ear.

She was known as jizz ear for the next 4 years.

13. ???

Our philosophy professor in high school “french kissed” not one, but three different girls at the graduation party. In front of his wife. Who in turn threw a full glass of beer to his head.

14. Never let this guy be a father

I seen a kid push his pregnant girlfriend down 2 flights of stairs. Let’s just say it didn’t end to well for the kid. He got beat up badly.

15. More shit

When I was in high school this one guy went to the bathroom, pooped in his own hands, and smeared a handful of shit on the mirror, walls, footbath, floor and doorhandle. Smelled like a MF

16. Coke Day

My third grade teacher was an unmarried man in his 40s who lived alone with two cats. He was a good teacher and always made sure we learned. He was a bit more strict than the other third grade teachers, but we managed to accomplish a lot more than the other classes. Every other Tuesday was “Coke Day” where he would bring in a can of Coke for each student in his class and before he would give you the can he would say in front of the class, one thing you had done really well or improved on since the last Coke Day. A strange tradition, but it was a nice effort.

Fast forward two years, and he’s arrested for the purchase of a large amount of cocaine with intent to sell and police raided his house to find large amounts of drugs and paraphernalia including, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. He was arrested after school, but they made sure there were no kids around to see it. I always felt kind of sad, since he was a good teacher that basically ruined his life.

Coke Day took on a whole new meaning after that.

17. Not what he wanted to see

One of the boys in my year (year 9) walked in on our Science Teacher having sex with the TA. Science Teacher was married to our previous Primary School Teacher.

We lived in a small country town and husband/wife teacher duos normally worked between the two main schools.

The whole school knew by the end of the day & Science Teacher went on a 3 month ‘career break’ to sort himself out…

Both their kids were in my school and suffered through a very public breakdown of their family home.

18. FIRE

Someone decided it would be an amazing idea to launch a rocket firework down a corridor just as the bell for the end of the school day went off.

You could feel the building shake two floors up.

19. Dirty pool

One time a kid got diarrhea in the pool during sophomore PE class. He ran out of the pool to the locker room 5 minutes before anyone saw it. The only reason it was discovered to be his diarrhea was the loud groans coming from the locker room toilet while my class showered and changed. He transferred shortly after.

20. So much wrong with this

The most NSFW event in my highschool happened in grade 10 where a chick was fingering herself under the desk. That’s not the most fucked up part, the fucked up part is that one of the students was actually filming her finger herself with his MacBook integrated webcam. The police came took his laptop and questioned him and the whole school had a huge meeting about laptop usage. The school said not to talk about these events ever again and guess what as soon as we left everyone was talking about it. Fast forward two years and no one really cares or takes notice about the event, both students still come to the school.

Another weird moment in the school is that some ex students came and spray painted Swatstikas and huge girthy penises on school classroom windows and peoples locker.

21. LOL replaced computers with porn

I replaced all of the Windows 95 startup screens with pornography and edited the startup scripts to replace the default file every time the computer was rebooted so that the tech guys couldn’t fix it easily. Nobody ever knew who did it. A while later I asked one of the techs what had happened, “We had to rebuild all the computers, but we took copies of the files first!”