21 Popular Artists And What Their Fans Are Like


1. Kanye West

They talk way too much. No matter what you bring up, they have an opinion on it. These are the type of people who, when losing an argument, say, “Okay, but what’s your point?” Really into social justice issues as a result.

2. Drake

They’re really active on Twitter and Netflix. These are the people who want to be in a relationship when they’re single and want to be single when they’re in a relationship. They use chapstick regularly and drink carbonated water almost exclusively.

3. Frank Ocean

Drink Fiji Water exclusively. Health goths. They cover their face when they take selfies, probably with a peace sign. They eat well for their Instagram aesthetic which means they usually have great skin. Easily frustrated; stubborn.

4. Justin Bieber

These folks thought Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell was a badass. Bieber fans are more likely to have belly button piercings and attend private universities. Usually very good hosts.

5. Lil Wayne

Can’t identify a grapefruit in a police lineup. Slow to anger because they’re used to people shitting on Lil Wayne. Poptarts account for about 20% of their monthly budget. Most likely still lives at home with mom.

6. Future

They wanna be cool so bad. They break shit when they have sex for no particular reason other than to say that they broke the lamp “this one time” during sex. Most are bartenders in their mid-20s.

7. A$AP Rocky

These fans fall into one of two camps: white girls who want to fuck him and black folk who believe in the Illuminati. Both camps do cocaine regularly and really like The Great Gatsby for some reason.

8. One Direction

There’s always one in the squad, low key. 1D fans are dotted throughout every party waiting patiently for the opportunity to force-casually mention that their fave is “pretty cute” or to openly gush and drive away all by-standers.

9. Zayn Malik

An entirely different breed from basic One Direction fans. Zayn fans are quick to refer to significant others as “daddy” or similar. Usually very well educated with a penchant for the written word.

10. Mac Miller

White kids who started smoking weed in 7th grade and ever since cultivated almost an exclusively black friend group somehow. The men are really into snapbacks and sport an earring as well.

11. Lana del Rey

Always blog photos of pink guns and blood and refer to themselves as “cum sluts” whether male or female. They have an impressive arsenal of lipsticks and caption their selfies with emojis, usually one of the star ones.

12. J Cole

Easily the worst people this side of the galaxy. These people always assume that just because you don’t worship J. Cole, then you just don’t “get it” and need to raise your “awareness” or some shit. You’ll find J. Cole fans at parties standing on the edge, stubbornly not bobbing their heads to hood classics like YG. They eagerly await the slightest opportunity to lament about the “state” of modern hip hop. These are almost exclusively black people who try to like Janelle Monae. Keywords include: “conscious”; “certain type of intellect”; “wake up”; “open your eyes.”

13. The Weeknd

Inexplicably date ugly men, much to the confusion of their friends. Only ever a passive user of recreational drugs with very average, missionary position sex lives.

14. Ginuwine

Always want to have someone’s baby. Nasty in the bedroom but elegant in public. Well-spoken. Catchphrases include: “no chill” and “I mean, I guess.”

15. Azealia Banks

Drink henny out of the bottle with no chaser. Very blunt at parties and neurotic at work. Loyal. Prefers caramel frappuccinos.

16. Bon Iver

Went extinct in 2013. Their memory lives on and they will be missed.

17. Tyler the Creator

Suburban white kids who hate their parents and black kids who are really into street brands. As the Tyler phenomenon has dissipated some, most of the remaining find themselves struggling through art school or have dropped out of college entirely to pursue something “less corporate.”

18. Mac Demarco

Likely lost their virginity at a basement party or garage show. Almost identical to Kurt Cobain fans but a little more upbeat and optimistic. Lives in San Francisco or is “moving there soon.”

19. Chance the Rapper

Play lacrosse for a private university and/or exclusively smoke sativa. Generally nice people even if they’re a little spacy.

20. Big Sean

Refer to Big Sean as “slept on” but won’t ever go so far as to say he’s the greatest. Great at parties. Avoid confrontation but hold grudges. Can be found in interracial relationships.

21. Childish Gambino

Really fuck with granola and unironic pastels. Can often be found in beachside cafes fake reading philosophy books. Want to be emo but can’t seem to commit to actually being sad all of the time.