21 Reasons Why Blink-182 Is Still (And Will Always Be) Awesome


Blink-182 was formed in 1992. This means they are 21 years old. This means the all the angst and debauchery is metaphorically of legal drinking age. This means we must properly celebrate:

1. The versatility will forever be unmatched–great for emotive reflecting, reckless partying, and everything in between.

2. The intro to Carousel will always help you power through your last mile.

3. If you’re at an awkward social event, turn on Blink and everyone will have something to instantly relate to. Blink-182 = party hookup magic.

4. They’ve got endless “time capsule” songs–songs that will remind you of specific times in your life, and enable you to reflect with satisfaction.

5. Drunkenly singing Adam’s Song at a Karaoke bar is about 100x more fun than it sounds, and should really be the climactic, tear-shedding scene of a triumphant coming of age movie.


6. Via Yahoo! Answers: Because they don’t try hard to make hits, they just make easy listening and catchy songs. Also, they add character to their performances. Have you seen the stuff Tom and Mark do and say live?

7. While some songs peak during teen years, a good number, particularly the later and recent stuff, skew towards everlasting maturation.

8. Tom and Mark are a better one-two punch than Wood Harris and Idris Elba.

9. Randomly hearing Feeling This or Anthem is one of the more pleasant surprises of any day. 

10. The Christmas EP was pretty solid.

11. They’ve always done an incredibly job of toeing the line between parody and real-talk.

12. Mark’s twitter game is on point:

13. Their music provides a legitimate excuse to carry your angst into your 20’s.

14. Angels and Airwaves and +44 weren’t the worst, but the current arrangement is more unstoppable than a Citizen Eco-drive watch.

15. Listening to First Date will make you hopeful. Just don’t listen to it after the fact.

16. There are few things more romantic than falling in love with a girl at the rock show.

17.  Even when you’re old, their music still makes you feel young, energetic and awesome.

18. This video will never get old:


19. Upon seeing this article, you’ll probably get irrationally excited and then go and blast Dumpweed.

20. You can easily make the argument that they are the band of our generation.

21. You used to wish your friends were 21. For better or for worse, the wish came true.