21 Reasons You Should Fall In Love This Autumn


1. With the temperate whether, your wardrobe options increase by approximately two million percent. I know that’s not a real percent, but Autumn is magic. It rewrites the rules of love and of math.

2. All of the good movies comes out between September and December, so you always have a great movie out for that first date. I highly recommend Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron’s forthcoming nailbiter, already hailed as a masterpiece.

3. If you don’t want to deal with your family on Thanksgiving, especially after your mother has had one too many Peach Snapps, the holidays get a lot more bearable when you bring a hostage.

4. Apartment complexes often don’t kick on the heat until late October or early November, leaving you with a very drafty month of blankets and Snuggies. You can invest in a space heater or find someone warm curl up with.

5. A great first date will always do nicely. However, a great first date is make even better when it’s shared over a Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Like Fall, coffee makes everything better.

6. When you want to go for a long stroll together, it’s nice to have the Autumn wind as an excuse to walk a little bit closer — or steal their jacket when you need another layer.

7. Pumpkin carving is the ultimate bonding activity, especially when you aren’t going from the pre-made patterns they sell at the store. Your pumpkins will both look drunk, but they’ll be drunk together.

8. Couples’ Halloween costumes might be obnoxious to everyone else, but when you find the right one, it’s perfection. The all-time great has to be Jenna and Paul’s double Black Swan costume from 30 Rock, but I would recommend staying away from blackface. Just a suggestion.

9. You might not want to necessarily go to a football game, but when it scores points with him and his friends, it’s not so bad after all. (See also: Football butts.) Now, which team are we supposed to be rooting for again?

10. During the summer, you always have to C.Y.P. on a date — code for “Check Your Pits.” But without the heat and humidity (the silent killers), you are perspiration-free. Instead you can focus on being flawlessly witty and charming.

11. The fall leaves make every romantic moment a perfect Instagram moment. Take a picture of the memory. It won’t make the day last longer, but it’ll make it last more vividly.

12. With Homeland coming back, you finally have someone to help you get caught up. There’s nothing more romantic than watching Claire Danes chase down terrorists with a pipe.

13. You have one more person around to remember to pack an umbrella.

14. Since bathing suit season is behind us, you don’t have to shave your legs for every day — or obsessively worry about that cheesecake you woofed down last night. You can just do you. Make this November “No Shame November.”

15. Fall is by far the best time for pie — with Thanksgiving and the build-up to Christmas — and everybody know the best way to eat that slice is when you’re splitting it with someone special. Make sure to savor it with a cup of hot chocolate.

16. If you’re one of those people who has a fireplace, you finally have a reason to use it. It’s not just the warmth. It’s the company.

17. You can go apple picking, just like in a Norman Rockwell painting, because you finally have someone to hold the basket.

18. When you’re decorating your apartment, it’s best to have someone there to help you reach those places that are playing hard to get. Those plastic corncobs and festive cartoon turkeys aren’t going to hang themselves.

19. If you forget your gloves, which always happens, you have a back up and a hand ready to hold.

20. Early Christmas shopping can be a pain in the ass, especially when your Dad won’t tell you what he wants and insists that you don’t have to get him anything. However, it’s less of a hassle when you get to buy for them, obsessing over the perfect present all to later pretend that you didn’t spend any time, money or energy on it. “That scarf practically knitted itself!”

21. When you fall in love in the autumn, you get to keep it all through the winter. Whether or not it lasts to see the Spring sun, you’ll always have the memories, as wonderful and wistful as jumping into a pile of leaves. This Fall, don’t be afraid to dive in.

image – Flickr/DavidGallager