21 Signs You Are Actually An Adult


Last weekend when I was chillin’ with my pals we were talking about how the hell any of us were old enough to get married. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were sleeping through class and going to lacrosse practice hungover?

Apparently not. Apparently it’s been five years since you lived within crawling distance to your best friends that you would watch repeats of Sex and the City and Gossip Girl with for hours on a weekday when you should have been studying. Apparently you’re all adults.

1. You actually feel an obligation to have a job.

2. You remember to put deodorant on almost every morning.

3. Going to the gym isn’t a chore, it’s kind of therapeutic (what?!). When you get together with your friends you talk about the latest gym classes you’ve been to.

4. You’ve stopped going out of the house in sweatpants because you never know who you might meet.

5. You keep business cards in your wallet (but you still giggle to yourself when you see yourname on them).

6. Your Facebook feed is full of weddings and babies and you don’t actually mind anymore.

7. People you used to babysit for are graduating from high school and you’re all “I’m SO old, WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??”

8. You finally start telling your parents all those stories about how you snuck out as a teenager or threw parties in their house when they went on vacation and left you at home (I mean what did they expect?).

9. You have piles of invitations to weddings, baby showers, engagement parties and a fridge full of save the date magnets.

10. You wake up before your alarm feeling kinda chipper.

11. You fall asleep watching TV and it’s only 9:30.

12. Makeup all day every day because oh my word ADULT ACNE.

13. You look up recipes, have a Pinterest board just for food and you buy cookbooks probably more than your budget would allow. Somewhere between pot noodles and now you started to like cooking (but thank the lord your boyfriend likes it more).

14. You don’t ever wish to be 18 or 21 or even 23 again (maybe 24, that was a pretty good year).

15. You say things like “where did the time go??” or “how is it September already??”.

16. You understand the value of spending more on your things, even if it means buying less (still working on the second part).

17. You don’t get carded anymore and you seriously can’t understand how you look so much different than you did two years ago when it was still happening.

18. Buying kitchen gadgets is almost as exciting as buying new shoes (almost).

19. People younger than you are speaking in tongues. What the hell does fleek even mean??

20. Two day hangovers are real.

21. You kinda sort don’t actually mind that you’re an adult.

This post originally appeared at Collecting Labels.