21 Signs You’re An Independent Woman That Doesn’t Need A Man (Most Of The Time)


Author Disclaimer: This is meant to be silly and lighthearted. Chill. 😊😝

1. You enjoy sleeping in the middle of your bed and shamelessly hogging all the blankets. But you’ll admit that a cuddle buddy would be pretty nice.

2. You’re not really trying to find something serious, but like, getting to know a guy would be cool.

3. You might not need a man, but you definitely need guyfriends. And eventually a boyfriend. You know, somewhere off in the future.

4. You can totalllllly do everything on your own. Except kill spiders and reach the spices on the tippy-top pantry shelf.

5. You’re 100% Feminist. But you can’t imagine a life without a husband, at least, well, at some point.

6. You pride yourself on your weightlifting abilities. But still call up your strongest guyfriends for backup when you need to move a table from the first floor to the basement.

7. You can acknowledge that having guys in the world is still necessary to survival of the species. (Sometimes reluctantly, sometimes happily.)

8. You have definitely imagined your future wedding. And the thought does make you pretty pumped.

9. You are a self-proclaimed ‘solo-riding woman,’ but you’ve had your fair share of boyfriends over the years.

10. You love being single and doing your own thing…but you love falling in love just as much. #thestruggle

11. You don’t go out with the purpose of looking for a new dude…but, I mean, you’re not mad if it happens.

12. You love hangin’ with the girls, but you still need a good dose of occasional guyfriend time or you’ll go crazy.

13. You’re perfectly capable of doing things alone, but you’ll still grab a dude to come with you when you sell your clothes on Craigslist, or check out an apartment on the other side of town.

14. You could probably go to that wedding solo, but you totally won’t.

15. You aren’t looking to date anyone right now, but a few kisses here and there are harmless….right?!?

16. You love your girlfriends, but when it comes to wingmanning, you’ll definitely have your guyfriends help you. (They’re wayyyyy better at that kind of thing.)

17. You feel pretty good about being on your own, but sometimes you get super freaked out about how you’ll meet your future Mr. Right. Like, when, exactly will this happen?? How will I know?? OMG AM I GOING TO BE SINGLE FOREVER??!?

18. You don’t want kids right now. Or anything serious. But…you totally imagine your future family. (Even though you won’t admit it.)

19. You like doing things solo…but if someone can tag along, you’re all for it.

20. You don’t always need to be talking to someone, but, I mean, if you’re being honest, there’s a few guys you occasionally text.

21. You love the phrase, ‘you’re a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man’. But you know that you kinda, sorta need a man sometimes. And that’s okay.