21 Suburban Skater Traits You Found Irresistibly Attractive In High School


1. Their frosty blonde highlights, worn one of two ways: shaggy and in their eyes, so it was perfect for running your hands through, or spiked up so vertically they felt like a hairbrush.

2. Their signature look was a graphic t-shirt layered over a long t-shirt (often a waffle shirt), with a nice metal and/or hemp necklace peeking out at the top. Taking off those shirts was like peeling a sexy skater onion.

3. When they weren’t busy drawing the Stussy and/or Volcom logos all over their notebooks, they would occasionally draw something on themselves or you, as “practice” for the eventual sweet tattoos they wanted.

4. They always had the best baggy hoodies to steal, that you would wear everywhere — at home, in class, to the mall — until they were totally worn out.

5. They would skate in circles around you while talking to you, so you would have to keep moving around in order to keep flirting with them, and for some reason their idle skating was deeply metaphorical and sexy to you.

6. No one could top their knowledge of “good hangout curbs,” and spending an entire evening sitting on a curb watching them skate back and forth with their friends was the most fun you could imagine having.

7. You discovered most of your cool music through them, and they would burn you new CDs with all the good stuff they downloaded from Limewire that week.

8. 90 percent of the liquids they consumed were some form of energy drink (particularly Monster), and this meant extra energy for doing kick flips in the cul de sac before their parents made them come in at 10 PM.

9. Their collection of DCs and Airwalks were second to none.

10. Because they hated girls who wore heels (they were “fake”), you had to wear flats to chill, which was honestly kind of a gift for your feet.

11. They often smelled like fabric softener, because their mothers turned “cleaning my skater child’s dirty clothes” into an art form.

12. You were never sure if they were actually into pot smoking itself, or all of the coolness and ritual that went along with it — but either way, it felt like a huge honor to get to see their budding glassware collection.

13. They perfected slouching uncomfortably in school chair/desks, so they always looked cool, even if their backs probably hurt.

14. Their man jewelry (or, “mewelry”) game was always on point.

15. They brought Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” to life to the point that it basically became your personal theme song.

16. Their belts were either made from shoelaces, in black-and-white checker pattern, or buckled off to the side. Or all three at the same time.

17. They showed the perfect amount of puffy teenage boxer.

18. No matter what they were doing, their cargo pockets were always filled with a mysterious assortment of objects. You never quite found out what was in those pockets, but their heavy rattling captured your curiosity.

19. Sometimes they would get lip/eyebrow/nose piercings, and you would become heavily invested in the “picking out new jewelry for it” ritual.

20. They managed to make short-sleeved button-down shirts alluring, which is a feat all its own.

21. When you were watching them at the skate park with their fellow suburban skater friends, smoking their one stolen cigarette, nothing felt cooler. Nothing.

image – Sum 41