21 Surprising Struggles Of Having A Type B Personality


Although like most people, I fall on a scale between the Type A and Type B continuum, it’s no secret that I am definitely more type B than A. And although like most type B’s, I’m supposed to have total-chill face all the time, it doesn’t always quite work out like that. Here are a few surprising struggles of those who identify as more type B than type A.

1. The world tends to cater to Type A personalities. Being more Type B means you’re cool with grey things and not compartmentalizing or defining everything. And people exhaust Type B’s by insisting they do so.

2. Having to RSVP to anything months in advance. Spontaneity is your second nature and best friend, and she is very hard to ignore. RSVP’ing gets in the way of that.

3. That being said, people automatically assume that you hate commitment of any kind which is not necessarily true. You’re just easy-going about commitments and don’t need them at the speed that others do.

4. Being around a lot of Type A people stresses you out. And it is very hard to stress you out. Sometimes they can be the yin to your yang but other times, you just clash.

5. If you happen to be a competitive person AND type B, people always feel like you’re being deceptive or manipulative. I mean you like being chill but you also like being #1.

6. When you do have brief moments of being in a high-stressed mindset, everyone is super judgmental about it. As it turns out, you’re human!

7. People often think that your desire not to sweat the small stuff equates to not caring about the little things. And it’s not true, you just know a lot of things in life is not worth losing your cool over.

8. A lot of people think that you can’t be a passionate person and also have a type B personality. So you come with a handful of contradictions when you do.

9. A lot of people mistake type B personalities for being flaky. But really a “no” is a “no,” a “yes, ” is a “yes,” and a “maybe” is a “maybe.” Admittedly you say “maybe” more than most. Your spontaneity is to blame.

10. People think you don’t work well under pressure. When in reality, you can thrive in almost any circumstance because the goal is always doing your best. And you always get the work done. So what if it’s at the eleventh hour?

11. Your creativity is at its highest when you are just left to your own devices. Which of course is near-impossible in a world of structure and deadlines.

12. Everyone comes to you for advice all the time because they think you’re really easy to talk to. So when you flat-out call them out, you’re made to being the unexpected “bad guy.”

13. People are very surprised when you have A LOT of strong opinions about certain things. It’s as if being a type B is supposed to mean everything and anything goes.

14. People think that you’ll be more understanding if they flake out on you. Which sure, you’re not going to lose your mind over it. But nobody likes to be cancelled-on last-minute.

15. People always expect you to be in a good mood or upbeat. And even if you’re having just a mundane kind of day, you will inevitably get your friends questioning to find out what is wrong like the FBI.

16. It’s really uncomfortable for everyone when you get mad or lose your temper at something. And you often have to stifle a lot of situations that could get you heated, with humor.

17. Thinking about the future is hard for everyone but it’s especially hard for you, because you love to live in the moment. But getting people to see that you try to do both can feel like a futile exercise.

18. Procrastination is your nemeses that will follow you all throughout your life. You are constantly in battle and sometimes people mistake you for being lazy because of it.

19. You always try to put people at ease which sometimes leads to people trying to take advantage of you. Which is one of the few things that does upset you gravely.

20. You tend to live life on your own terms and say and march to the beat of your own drum. You’re not afraid to stand out in the crowd. And that makes some people uncomfortable

21. You will forever believe in focusing on the big picture rather than minor details. Which has its downsides because as we all know, the devil is in the details. Welp, you can’t win ’em all.