21 Things Every 20-Something Woman Should Stop Apologizing For


1. Taking a day off when the timing is appropriate and she feels like she really needs a break.

2. Saying “thank you” when she receives a compliment instead of responding with an obligatory self-deprecating statement.

3. Texting a guy back right away instead of seeing the text and then waiting for the standard 15-30 minutes.

4. Feeling extremely proud of her body one minute.

5. And feeling overwhelmingly insecure about her physical appearance the next.

6. Being short with someone who is trying to mansplain something to her.

7. Seeking professional help if she’s in a difficult mental and emotional place.

8. Being extremely happy in a long-term, committed relationship.

9. Or being single AF and loving it.

10. Or being single AF and hating it.

11. Requesting a raise or a higher salary when she feels that she has absolutely earned it.

12. Feeling unsure about whether or not she wants to have kids.

13. But also panicking about how little time she feels like she has left if she does end up wanting kids.

14. Not saying “sorry” first before disagreeing with a coworker in a meeting.

15. Having (realistic) standards for what she wants and needs in a relationship.

16. Occasionally dealing with envy or jealousy and trying to figure out a way to confront it.

17. Wanting to be a stay-at-home mom.

18. Or wanting to be a full-time working mom.

19. Or wanting something right in the middle.

20. Maintaining certain expectations in the workplace without feeling like she’s being ‘bitchy’ or ‘bossy.’

21. Continually working to understand who she is, especially when the answer is ‘not perfect.’