21 Things Falling In Love Taught Me About Life When I Turned 21



Age 21 is a defining time in your life. By this time you have either lost your virginity or you start feeling awkward about not losing it. Age 21 means you have come of age and have to face certain realities about your relationships, falling in love and about life.

When you reach this period you ask certain questions about your relationships and from yourself. You want to know if you are on the right path to finding the happiness you deserve.

Before I became a blogger and defined my career path here are 21 things falling in love had taught me about life when I turned 21.

1. Looks can be deceiving. When you are young you are seemingly attracted to some persons for their wonderful or gorgeous look but when you become involved with them, you find out things go beyond the surface.

2. You really need some face time. Forget Tinder, forget Snapchat, forget Twitter, you really need to experience a face-to-face relationship that goes beyond technology. You need real communication.

3. You need to get out of your comfort zone and travel. Through this you can discover yourself and know what you really want.

4. With love there is no guarantee. You could love someone and the other person never loves you back. But the beauty is in loving anyway.

5. Trust is good. It could be more important than the emotional feeling of simply caring for someone.

6. Never expect perfection. Be willing to give and never expect anything in return.

7. Love is about the actions you take. It is not about the feeling or the emotions that stems from it.

8. You should be willing to make the best sacrifice if you really care about another person. There is no fear, but in you there is simply a desire to win the other person over. And that takes courage.

9. Falling in love will show you that you are prone to mistakes, but that is how you learn to really love anyways.

10. You have to be willing to deal with your feelings. That is how you show maturity. Someone always told me to love with my head and not with my heart. Perhaps this is what dealing with one’s feelings really mean.

11. Don’t try to change anyone. Neither should you try to change to fit someone’s perfect expectations. Loving should make you authentic.

12. You should be willing to let go. You cannot control everything. There are certain things that are not in your control.

13. You can be strong after all. But that is only up to you. It is only you who can show such strength when you love or not.

14. If it goes wrong, you will heal. You just need time.

15. It is okay to write about how you feel. It doesn’t matter who reads it, whether it is you or that person you so care about.

16. Yes you feel vulnerable, but it is completely okay if you are. You are human after all. You have to look beyond the doubts, fears and uncertainties and worry about how falling in love can make you grow.

17. You will learn to move forward. Forward is always the way to go when there is nothing to gaze at in the past.

18. You are a master of your emotions and you can deal with whatever that comes your way.

19. You can’t chase after love. Things will always happen when you least expect them. So let matters take its natural cause.

20. There is always someone out there for you who will love you and who you will love, so don’t be pessimistic about love because love will always win.

21. We can always learn to face our issues, find new ways to love, heal and grow. And this is the whole essence of being in love anyways.