21 Things Only People Madly In Love With Books Understand


1. You’re completely against judging a book by its cover, but you will absolutely judge a person by their favorite book, without hesitation.

2. The main reason you fear death is because there are just so many books to read and you have to read them all and damn it if death doesn’t understand that! Heaven better be a giant library, that’s all I’m saying.

3. “Just one more chapter” is the most valid argument you’ve ever heard.

4. One of the greatest joys is reorganizing your bookshelf. And by “reorganizing,” we mean taking all the books off the shelf, cleaning the shelf, and putting all of the books back exactly where they were before, but taking the time to individually reminisce on each book as it’s lovingly placed back on the shelf. You’re basically Scrooge McDuck counting and recounting all of his gold.

5. You need a minimum of a week to recover from a truly fantastic book.

6. Not to mention, you can’t talk to another human being for at least an hour after finishing the book, because so. many. feels.

7. You live for the days when your friends ask you for book suggestions, and you get to turn into a matchmaking service. What are you looking for in a book? Are you into something more adventurous or more reserved? Are you looking for a long-term commitment or a summer fling?

8. You get actual chills whenever you watch Beast unveil the library in Beauty and the Beast. Every. Single. Time.

9. As a result, you’re guaranteed to fall head over heels for any person that gifts you anything close to a library.

10. Any DIYs that include dismantling or marking a book in any way is a travesty that physically pains you.

11. One of your life goals is to have a window seat / reading nook like the ones on Pinterest. THEY’RE JUST SO BEAUTIFUL.

12. When deciding on the décor of your apartment, the centerpiece of your living room is your bookshelf, not the television, or like, couches with people on them.

13. You’re constantly fighting the struggle of wanting to read while taking a relaxing bath and not wanting to get your books anywhere near water.

14. You set aside entire days to explore a used bookstore. The messier, the better. You just want to get lost in the stacks of literature, and emerge hours later with your arms overflowing with titles.

15. You’re one of the easiest people to buy gifts for, because all you want are books. All the books.

16. You experience a moral dilemma when you’re half way through a book and realize it’s horrible. I can’t just not finish a book! But do I trudge through this literary shit when I could be reading something actually worthwhile? Sophie’s Choice has never felt so real.

17. …That is, except when you have to choose which book you’re taking on a trip. You can’t possibly choose! (<- Hence, the entire need for Kindles.)

18. You’ve separated your friends into two lists: the ones who take good care of books that you’re comfortable lending your precious texts to and the ones who dog ear pages AKA Monsters AKA your books aren’t allowed within ten feet of them.

19. You’re not even a tiny bit ashamed of openly weeping over a book. You’re more concerned with getting tear stains on the pages than with the people gaping at you from across the Starbucks.

20. You’ve mastered the sport of reading and walking at the same time with minimal casualties.

21. That old book smell…. And that new book smell….Basically, that book smell. Just… yes.