21 Things Only People Who Prefer Rain Over All Other Weather Understand


1. You get unreasonably happy when you wake up in the middle of the night and hear rain pattering against your window.

2. Also, the word “pattering” sets your heart aflutter.

3. Growing up, you were more excited about getting your first kiss in the rain than about learning to drive.

4. And then it happened and aiewsndaeuifnaekrfnsjnfs KISSES IN THE RAIN, ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

5. Your favorite smell is just the crisp freshness that the earth has after it rains.

6. If thunder and lightning accompany the rain, it’s like Disneyland uprooted itself and landed right outside your door.

7. Scattered showers are a worse tease than that person you’re talking to / dating / still just talking to?

8. Nothing in the entire world is as relaxing as sitting inside on a rainy day with a cozy blanket and hot beverage.

9. Your level of creativity is directly related to the weather. Bright and sunny? Creative drought. Steady downpour of rain? Steady downpour of ideas.

10. This gif just doesn’t make any sense to you:

Smile, Doctor, smile!

11. You love that the rain gives you the perfect excuse to be a complete homebody. Just cite the dangerous driving conditions, cuddle up next to your window, and thank Zeus for this wonderful storm.

12. Summer rain is one of the greatest things to ever happen to you, and can easily make your entire month.

13. But if you accidentally mistake sprinklers hitting the window as summer rain, you’re grumpy for a solid day.

14. When it starts raining at a sporting event or concert and everyone else is getting frustrated, you’re literally jumping for joy because the day just got 100x better.

15. You often will stare at your window when it’s raining and hold rain drop races to see which drop will streak down the window pane the fastest. And yes, it’s not unusual for you to get emotionally invested in a particular drop.

16. You’ve pulled a Gene-Kelly-Singing-in-the-Rain at least once, and it was magical.

17. Your second favorite sound (second to pattering, of course) is the sound of cars driving along rain-soaked streets.

18. It’s your dream to live in Seattle / Portland / London / Edinburgh / anywhere it rains 90% of the time.

19. Your favorite clothing items are your rain gear, and you giggle like a schoolgirl every time you get to slip on your rain boots.

20. You cannot comprehend why people complain about rain. But it’s so beautiful! And life affirming! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??

21. When it rains for the first time in a long time, you always have to turn your face up to the clouds à la Shawshank Redemption and just soak. it. in.