21 Things To Remind Yourself You’re Probably Really Good At


1. Being able to recall the lyrics of a favorite song from 10 years ago.

2. Getting the bartender’s attention.

3. Knowing when it’s perfect pillow fort making weather.

4. Becoming emotionally attached to a TV series.

5. Stopping the microwave right before it dings.

6. Knowing whether or not a new song will be your best friend’s “new jam” and being totally right.

7. Feeling like you’ve lost a set of friends when you’ve just ended a book.

8. Layering your nachos just right so every bit of chip has something delicious on it.

9. Watching an entire season of your favorite show on the couch in one night. 

10. Spotting inconsistencies in movie or TV plots.

11. Helping your friends successfully lurk on random people on every social media network.

12. Texting with the speed of 1000 race horses. 

13. Apologizing to servers when someone at your table is being a huge jerk. 

14. Figuring out exactly what you need when you’re feeling all at sea about something.

15. Avoiding that whole dumb parallel parking thing. 

16. Eating a sleeve of Oreos in one sitting.

17. Knowing the right amount of waiting time you have to give yourself to let something cool.

18. Finding money in old coats or pockets when the seasons change..

19. Making friends with cute animals you see on the street.

20. Convincing the delivery driver all this food actually isn’t just for you.

21. Not knowing what you’re talking about but pulling it off anyway and feeling like a conversation ninja.