21 Things You Didn’t Know About HBO’s “Girls”


So I had never watched HBO’s  “Girls” before and decided to catch up on it last night. I have to say, I really enjoyed it! It’s funny, sweet, and totally relatable. Here are 30 things you may not know about the hit series!

1. Steven Spielberg was originally going to be a producer in 1991 and it was going to star Bill Murray and Steve Martin.

2. The song “I’m a Believer”, which is such a big part of the series, was chosen specifically because of the line “I thought love was only true in fairy tales.”

3. Mike Myers improvised numerous lines in the film, including when he addresses the guests at Fiona and Farquaard’s wedding.

4. Wait a minute…

5. Oh boy, this is embarrassing.

6. Turns out “Girls” was on HBO and I accidentally had my TV on HBO Kids.

7. It would appear that I wasn’t actually watching “Girls”, but rather all of the Shrek movies.

8. I can probably just figure out some facts about the show from what my friends have said or things that I’ve read, right?

9. There is much more nudity in “Girls” than in Shrek.

10. Since Shrek is green, that’s 100% more people of color in the cast of Shrek than the cast of “Girls”.

11. Over 1,000 characters enter Hannah’s swamp.

12. Wait, no sorry it was Shrek’s swamp. That sounded sexual but it was supposed to be Shrek. Shrek’s swamp.

13. Shrek added an adorable kitten to the series that became a major character.

14. Marnie adopted an adorable kitten and no one ever saw it again. Is it dead?

15. Ray really likes waffles and is in love with a dragon.

16. No wait, that was Donkey. Sorry, the Shrek movies are just so funny and I keep thinking about some of the funniest scenes and I guess it just came out.

17. I mean Ray probably likes waffles as well. Who doesn’t like waffles?

18. Maybe Shoshanna hates waffles.

19. There’s a scene in Shrek when he gets something unexpected poking him in the butt.

20. There’s probably a few scenes in “Girls” where someone unexpectedly has something poking them in the butt.

20. No one really has a full time job in Shrek.

21. Actually no one really has a full time job in “Girls” either. 

Keep laughing. Read this.