21 Times Tina Fey Understood Your Heart And Soul


1. When it’s just. one. of. those. days.

2. When you have an unplanned encounter with a cute guy and don’t sound like an incomprehensible ewok:

3. When you have to attend an event that forces you to dress nicely and function like a normal human:

4. When you’re looking to spice up your life in a substantial, yet inconsequential way:

5. When you’re feeling particularly inspired in the kitchen:

6. When you head to bed after an especially long day:

7. When you’re stuck in awkward small talk with a very casual acquaintance:

8. When you realize you give zero fucks halfway through almost giving one:

9. When you stop and realize that you’re definitely a horrible person 57% of the time:

10. When you’re walking through the teen’s section of a clothing store:

11. When you’re slugging through yet another life crisis:

12. When you finally understand why high school was the absolute worst:

13. When someone tries to tell you that no, you can’t sneak your own nachos into the movie theater:

14. When you decide that it’s finally time that you stand up for the truly important issues:

15. When someone tries to tell you that you’re too old to dress up for Halloween:

16. When you work out once and figure you’re good for a while:

17. When you decide it’s about time you made some positive changes in your life:

18. When you’ve had a bad week, and then your efforts to turn it around go horribly, horribly wrong:

19. When you’re talking to someone who says they’re not a feminist because they believe that both sexes should be equal:

20. When you’re struggling to relate with other human beings about anything other than cheesy puffs:

21. When your friend is in need of some motivation: