21 Unmistakable Signs Your Friend Has Turned Into Your Bestie


1. When you speak to this friend, your inner monologue has become your every day, unedited outer monologue and there’s no judgment in response.

2. You speak to each other on the phone, an activity only reserved for an elite few. When you see this person calling you, your reaction is to get excited and not feel invaded, too busy or have a reflex reaction to text them back that you’ll call them later and never do.

3. You don’t spend 3 months trying to make plans with your new bestie. They happen naturally, easily and often with no notice because you’re willing and eager to see each other.

4. You don’t feel the need to shower or put make up on to meet up with this person. You certainly don’t need to dress up for each other.

5. You find yourself texting them random, funny snapshots of crazy things on your Facebook feed throughout the day.

6. Spending time together has become an energizing, invigorating experience. It doesn’t suck the wind out of you and it no longer needs to be polite and surface level. There is a serious mutual appreciation society formed that lifts both individuals up.

7. You’re being included in side, private text message strings aside from any group messages that you and this friend are included in.

8. You feel perfectly comfortable using this friend’s bathroom during a particularly bad stomach bug and can even say things to her like, “Sorry in advance for the smell.” That’s true bestie status.

9. You randomly receive silly, funny emails and texts from this friend throughout the week that make you smile. The content of these messages indicates that their sender clearly understands what makes you laugh and gets you annoyed.

10. It’s easy to hang out with this person. No drama. No attitude. No guilt for not having seen them for a while. You both understand that life is busy.

11. This friend is a great ear during a tough day, a fight with a loved one or an advocate when you feel that you’ve been wronged. They will take the time to hear you out and can be a sounding board for playing out how to resolve an issue or can offer up objective advice, if asked.

12. You know about and ask about your friend’s family, friends, boss and pets by name. You know about them and are genuinely interested in their welfare because they’re important to your bestie.

13. When you haven’t spoken to or heard from this person in a couple days, you suddenly feel like something is missing.

14. When you have plans to meet up, you have a list of things to talk about and the conversation never grows stale. You have the tendency to get absorbed in one of these items when it’s of obvious concern to your friend and never quite finish your list.

15. When in line at a coffee shop, your friend knows your drink order by heart and doesn’t think twice about ordering and paying for it.

16. You don’t think twice before sending a snapshot of a pair of jeans that have ripped in the thighs while you’re getting out of a car asking if you need to hit the gym or go on a no carb diet. You get an immediate response of sympathy, support and laughter.

17. Your new bestie indulges your sweet tooth. She’ll show up with a box of munchkins, black and white cookies or a bag of Twizzlers for an impromptu catch up session.

18. When you’re angry about something, your friend is angrier. When you’ve been wronged, your friend is already plotting revenge on your behalf. When you’ve achieved something, your friend is planning the celebration. He or she is your greatest cheerleader and fiercest ally when putting up a fight.

19. There is absolutely no pressure to clean or be a good hostess when this person comes over. You could have dishes in the sink, trash overflowing and mail exploding off of your coffee table and it’s deemed comforting to the guest, rather than a trigger for unwanted judgment.

20. You proudly share your grossest accomplishments and discoveries. For example: wearing the same pair of pants for 8 days in a row because they seemed clean enough. Not washing your hair for two weeks straight because it was too much of a bother and dry shampoo exists.

21. Even on the days when you don’t feel like socializing, you always want to see this person because your relationship is just an ongoing dialogue of the good and the bad with someone who is always ready to back you up and cherish you and your idiosyncrasies when it seems nobody else appreciates them.