21 Ways To Market Your Business While On A Budget


Marketing is an essential part of any business, and it is how businesses get noticed. You may think that you can’t afford marketing, but actually, you can’t afford not to market. But, you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Here are some of the best ways you can market any business, and many of them are free.

  1. Offer Free Classes and Seminars – Advertise throughout the community that you are offering free seminars and classes for anyone who is interested.
  2. Hand Out Buttons – Have buttons made, and hand them out to others. Wear them yourself, and have your employees, friends, and family members wear them. You can get buttons made at Custom Button Co.
  3. Give away Balloons – Get balloons printed with your business name, and visit areas where there are parents with children, such as parks. Kids love balloons, and happy kids make parents happy, and they will remember you.
  4. Send “We Miss You” Notes – Send customers you haven’t seen in a while appreciative notes, again with a discount coupon or other incentive.
  5. Have Business Cards MadeBusiness cards no longer cost hundreds of dollars to have made. In fact, many online printing companies will print 500 cards for as little as $20.
  6. Pay it Forward – The next time you are at the coffee shop, pay for the order of the person behind you in line, and then give them one of your business cards.
  7. Get Involved with Charities – Donate products or services to charities to sell or auction off for fundraising purposes. This gets your name out there in a positive way.
  8. Use Your Car – Your car can be a great marketing tool. All you need to do is get magnetic signs for the doors. These can be printed by online printing companies, and they are inexpensive.
  9. Roadside Marketing – Young people are always looking for a way to make money. Offer them a set rate or minimum wage to stand at roadsides and hold signs advertising your business.
  10. Donate Magazines – Give old books and magazines to doctors, dentists, and other businesses where there are waiting rooms. Put your business stamp on the front or the inside cover so people will see it.
  11. Do Email Campaigns – Gather email addresses from customers, and use them for free marketing. You can customize your campaigns, so customers receive information about things they are interested in.
  12. Meet Your Target Market – Get out there and hang out where your target audience hangs out. Have fun, chat, and get to know them.
  13. Write Business Reviews – You can review other businesses, positively, of course, and you will become well-liked by other business owners.
  14. Write Articles – You have knowledge, so write about it, and submit your articles to local publications, making sure to share your credentials.
  15. Create Tips Sheets – Give people tips sheets about specific topics that you have knowledge about. This is like getting free stuff, and people love it.
  16. Do Demonstrations – Find a place, be it your business or another location, to do free demonstrations of your products and services. Advertise the event in newspapers and community calendars.
  17. Set Up a Referral Program – Customers get a free product, discount, etc. each time they refer a new customer to your business.
  18. Send Thank You Notes – Send your customers hand-written thank you notes with a discount coupon.
  19. Offer Contests – Everyone loves to win prizes. Contests, and they don’t have to be business-related, are a great way to attract new customers. Also, donate prizes for other local contests.
  20. Offer Space for Non-Profits – If you have space, let non-profits and community groups use it for events.
  21. Get into Online Forums – Don’t advertise, but offer advice and help to others. They will remember this when they are looking for the products or services you offer.