21st Century Dreamer: Striving For My Definition of Success


We manifest the idea of greatness in our lives with accomplished individuals that we might become; world traveler, stock market billionaire, famous star, business mogul, etc. The harsh corruption of our goal lies in the scope of our vision. We see the end result, yet fail to realize the attributes that led these individuals to lives of greatness. We try to achieve the end goal without taking one step on the journey.

My vision of life seems skewed when compared with the new standard of what a person should strive for or how they should conduct themselves but the basic, most modest virtues retain their appeal in my eyes….

I’ve always found the simple life glamorous in a world of one dimensional entrepreneurs; their only goal to gain wealth and respect in the eyes of their peers. My pursuit is a life of happiness, personal growth, and discovering a niche in which I feel passionately about.

I might have missed the generations of pure dreamers that had a disdain for the “only look out for you” philosophy. This selfish lifestyle has quickly moved up the ranks from utterly unacceptable to lovingly embraced. There was a time that we valued the success of the ones around us as much as our own — and we were just as excited about their success as we were about our own. We celebrated each person’s accomplishments, rather than pursue an arbitrary perception from others as successful.

We live in a generation of individuals that would rather be seen as something by their peers rather than truly be SOMETHING. At one time I viewed the world as it should be, and the shocking reality of the world (or more specifically, the people in it) horrifies me in the sense that we have, arguably, cast a negative view on the most noble pursuits in life. We have lost our way, moving from purpose driven lives to the downfalls of broken dreams that disguise change as progress.