22 Awesome Reminders For Single Girls Everywhere


1. Your ability to love and be loved never expire. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how many heartaches you’ve been through, the heart is resilient. It’s never too late for love.

2. Self-love is an amazing journey you can take totally alone. No other people necessary.

3. Being alone is far superior to being with the wrong person.

4. If you’re not having fun dating, you don’t have to do it. Just because the people around you are does not mean it’s in your best interest, at the moment.

5. Someone getting married before you do does not mean they are somehow happier or more fulfilled than you are.

6. Going to the movies or a restaurant by yourself can be a liberating experience.

7. You do not need a significant other to have adventures. Go on “dates” with your friends or family. Or for the more independent minded, go solo!

8. Love blossoms in many forms.

9. A relationship isn’t a quick fix to life’s problems. (They follow us around.)

10. Invest in yourself and your future before committing to someone. That’s not being selfish, that’s forward thinking!

11. I know it seems like a bunch of garbage, but love really does have a way of finding you when you stop looking.

12. Heartbreak and failed relationships teach you what you’re looking for and what you refuse to put up with in the future.

13. You can flirt with whoever you want without an ounce of guilt.

14. It’s sucky, but you have to experience disappointment to appreciate how good and sweet the real thing is.

15. It’s okay to tell your nosy family members at Thanksgiving to worry about themselves and not your love life.

16. It’s also okay to occasionally feel lonely.

17. Make a list of all the things you’ve never done but want to. Slowly start making them off. (This gives you something more productive to focus on.)

18. Your relationship status is not a reflection on how lovable, worthy, and amazing you are.

19. Even though it can be frustrating waiting for The One, things have a way of happening when they are supposed to.

20. And guess what? Not having romance isn’t the end of the world.

21. Some of the happiest people are those who never settled down.

22. Above all else, never give up on yourself. Find what you care about. Explore your passions. Go after what you want. And refuse to let other people’s opinions deter you.