22 Awesome Things Only Tall Girls Understand


1. At some point in your life, someone will say you look like a model simply based on your height.

2. You get to smile and act all embarrassed when someone says you look like a model even when you’re secretly glowing inside.

3. You can pull off a maxi dress.

4. You can always reach items on the top shelf which leads you to saying “I am woman hear me roar. I don’t need a man!” more often than is maybe necessary.

5. Your height can be used as an excuse to say, “I am woman hear me roar” more often than is maybe necessary.

6. You can always be seen in pictures.

7. The whole cropped pants style that’s in right now?  Yep.  Nail it without trying.

8. People will assume you’re good at basketball.

9. And volleyball.

10.  And sports in general.  You expect to be picked early on for sports teams, over your far more athletic, but shorter friends.

11. When you wear heels, you’re WEARING heels.  Heels are not just a fashion accessory when you’re teetering in at a cool 6 foot something.  Heels are a statement of confidence.

12. Your shoe size and “tall” pant size are far more likely to be in stock.

13. You can make a mini skirt out of basically anything.

14. You are memorable.

15. Everyone always thinks you’re older than you are, and there are just so many ways to milk this (especially before the age of 21).

16. Your height becomes a talking point at social gatherings and even amongst strangers.  You’re never out of small talk when you know the, “How tall are you exactly?” conversation is coming.

17. You look like you’d be a scary person to fight.

18. You are keenly aware of all celebrity heights as you’ve plotted which of your crushes you are taller than and which of your crushes you don’t care if you are taller than.

19. No one notices your minor weight fluctuations.

20.  No one sees you balding.

21. If certain studies can be trusted, you will be more successful in life.

22. Rollercoasters.