22 Feelings That Are Borderline Orgasmic


1. FIRST SIP: When you’ve just gotten your first sip of water or any other cold, refreshing drink after being dehydrated for a long time. Yummy!

2. NO ALARM: The feeling of not setting your alarm the night before and entering a deep slumber knowing you have zero commitments for the morning. No exams, no work, no school meeting the next day- pure bliss!

3. THE RELEASE: That moment when you find a bathroom after waiting in a train for what seems like an eternity. And then that moment when you actually sit on the throne.

4. FOOD ARRIVES: When the waiter finally comes after an hour of you popping your head up every time he passes to give someone else their food.

5. SITTING: When you’ve been walking around for what seems like an eternity and you finally get a chance to sit down.

6. RAINY NIGHTS: When it’s just one of those nights where you want to stay in, cozy up and watch movies and suddenly a wild thunderstorm appears making the night feel 10x better.

7. PERFECT FIT: When you think you’ve eaten too much and your jeans can’t fit but they magically slide right up, zip and button within seconds.

8. EARLY BIRD: Waking up an hour or two before your alarm is supposed to go off and realizing you’ve been gifted with extra time.

9. EXAMS: When you leaf through your exam booklet and realize you know the answers to the questions. And then that feeling when all your exams are finally over.

10. EXTENDED DEADLINE: When you definitely know you can’t complete something on time or study fast enough to ace the test and the deadlines get extended.

11. AIRPORT ARRIVAL: Picking up a loved one from the airport especially when you didn’t see them for an eternity.

12. CRAWLING INTO BED: The feeling after a long day of school or a long night of studying/partying and literally dragging yourself into the bed, crawling in and falling asleep immediately.

13. RANDOM CASH: Finding unexpected cash in a clutch you didn’t wear in years.

14. ACCOMPLISHMENT: When you’ve accomplished something you worked hard for. Whether it’s the A+ on that test or a perfect score on that presentation you slaved over.

15. HOLIDAYS: When you finally start working in the adult world and you stumble across a national holiday and quickly flip through the calendar to count how much days you’re actually going to have off. And when the holiday falls on a Monday or Friday = Long weekend!

16. CUDDLES: When you fall asleep next to someone and get the cuddles. Whether it’s a family member, your puppy, your best friend or your significant other. It’s just that warm fuzzy feeling of a cuddle waiting to happen.

17. SIZE MATTERS: When you see the last pair of your dream shoe in the store and you shakily turn it over and voila it’s exactly your size!

18. STEAMY SHOWERS: When the water in the shower is steamy, hot and just right or when you settle into a cozy bubble bath.

19. ON TIME: When you’re running late for a movie or some other event and by some mystical vortex in the universe you manage to make it on time.

20. MASSAGE: Getting a relaxing massage that soothes your aching muscles and makes you groan inappropriately.

21. LAUGHING: When you find something to laugh uncontrollably about. I’m talking on the floor, tears streaming, suffocating laugh that goes on forever. Then again when you remember the joke a month later.

22. LOVE: Let’s not forget the obvious. Loving and being loved = priceless!