22 Of The Best Things That Happen When You’re First Falling In Friend-Love With Someone


The way that it takes one conversation to seal the deal that you are about to fall in friend-love with this person.

The way that conversation – text, gchat, phone, Skype, or otherwise – is rapid, never-ending, both shallow and deep.

The way you incessantly abuse exclamation points and emojis (dancing ladies, duh!).

The way you say to each other, “Oh yeah, we’re going to be friends for fucking ever, it’s already happening.”

The way you also say, “ARE YOU ME!? ARE WE THE SAME PERSON!?” and that is the ultimate compliment, because you love you.

The way most text conversations – in those beginning stages – are one of you texting long, drawn-out paragraphs about you, your past, your beliefs, anything, that take up the entire screen of your phone and the other person responding with, “YES YES YES OMFG YES.”

The way you feel the most comforted that you found someone else that gets it and gets you.

The way you automatically know that you don’t have to put any aspect of yourself on, you can just do you and they’ll be right on board.

The way you give each other advice, which is gentle but also tough, because you want the best for each other and you never ever want them to sugar-coat shit for you.

The way you have been friends for a week and you’re already giving each other high-level status advice on everything from relationships to your life’s purpose to which shoes you should wear with that top you just got at F21.

The way you legitimately are obsessed with each other and how everything is like, “You’re gorgeous! You’re so funny! You’re my favorite!” and you walk away with your ego feeling nice and full.

The way you like them so much and think they are so great that you constantly take it as a compliment that they like you in an equal amount.

The way you talk to each other gets adorably creepy the deeper into friend-love you get, such as, “Wanna go retreat into the woods together for two weeks?” And they’re like, “YES YES YES.”

The way you open your heart completely and without hesitation because you know they got you, no matter what.

The way you need them to know every aspect of your life so they can 1) know how far you’ve come as a human and 2) give you educated advice based on your past patterns.

The way you tell everyone in your life about them with the same fervency you have only reserved for lovers.

The way you stalk each other on social media with such fervency that if anyone else did that you’d call them and be like, “Uh, this person won’t stop liking and commenting on every single picture I post, what do I do?”

The way every picture you see of them needs to be commented with, “OMG STOP TOO HOT YOU ARE A LIGHT [insert 10 emojis here]” and you secretly feel smug that they’re your new best friend.

The way you become so insanely invested in each other’s lives, like they’ve been given unprecedented access to the inside of your mind and are just kinda hanging out there, which, if so, you are totally fucking cool with.

The way you don’t need to do anything to have fun, just hanging out on the couch with them is more fun than anything you do with your acquaintance friends.

The way you have the actual best time ever if you do decide to have an adventure with them, because they can make anything memorable and amazing.

The way your voice legitimately gets hoarse after hanging out with them for a long time, because you do. not. stop. talking.