22 People, Lessons, And Things I’m Thankful For Having In My 22 Years


1. My Family

My mom’s warmth and comfort when I’m down and defeated. My dad’s patience when I’m not being the best daughter I could be and his sacrifices to give us a comfortable life. My annoying brothers who, despite being noisy on times I needed my quiet space the most, cheers me up and supports me in whatever decision I make. My family has been my pillar of strength and support, especially during my darkest days.

2. The little things in life

All the fleeting moments that brought me happiness — be it big or small. A quiet afternoon with my siblings as we binge watch A Walking Dead series. Catching up with my friends after a grueling semester. The thrill of traveling and exploring new places. A cup of hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon. The smell of new books. The sun’s warmth on a chilly winter morning and the long hugs from the people I love. They all remind me of how blessed I am.

3. The failed relationships

I’m grateful for all the times I’ve fallen in love although it might not have been with the right person. Although they ended rather sadly, it taught me more about myself — how much patience I have and how much love I’m capable of giving. In the end, I’m still thankful for the happy moments it brought me because, at that moment, it was exactly what I wanted, even the heartbreaks that came along with it.

4. The cute university lecturers

They inspired me to study harder.

5. The people I’ve lost touch with

I learned a lot from them in the past and even made good memories I will forever treasure. But just like relationships, some friendships, too, don’t last and that’s okay. Because we all grow and sometimes, we grow apart.

6. The Korean cosmetic industry

For introducing the 10-step Korean skincare routine to the world and helped improve my skin with their quality yet affordable products.

7. My close friends

They’re the people who I can run to or call when it’s 2am and I’m having a panic attack. They’re my (forced) Instagram photographers. My night-out buddies or simply people I stay in with while binge-watching movies in our pajamas with pizza and soft drinks in bed. I’m thankful to them for listening to my corny jokes, dramas, and crazy ideas and to them for trusting me with theirs.

8. The adventures

The beautiful sceneries, the new experiences, the rich culture of other countries, the celebration of life and diversity, and the discovery of how beautiful this world we live in is. I’m thankful for all the adventures I’ve done and all that I’m yet to take.

9. Every milestone/goal I achieved

It’s a reminder of all the hard work and effort that was put into the process of achieving the goals I’ve set for myself.

10. The rejections I faced

I have come to accept that there are things that are not meant for me and that when I get rejected from an opportunity, it’s more of a redirection to find something better suited for me.

11. My mistakes and failures

They’re life’s greatest teachers. There are some battles I won, and some that I lost. However, the outcome, my mistakes, and failures made me who I am now. I learned so much by making mistakes that I’m no longer afraid of failing. For every mistake comes a lesson for me to do better next time and do it right.

12. The unfortunate things that have happened in the past

I used to give my trust people like how you throw confetti, scattered carelessly anywhere. It’s true that with age comes wisdom but it was the experiences that taught me how to choose who to surround myself with wisely. Some people brought me tears and some with joy while others completely ruined me and my trust with the world. Forgiving takes a while and so does healing. I’m still thankful, however, to those who did me wrong for it helped me grow and made me stronger. It made me appreciate those people who have treated me with the utmost respect and genuine care.

13. All the things I learned about

I gained a lot of knowledge in my 23 years of existence. I learned that weather forecasts are based on previous years’ data. I learned how to budget, pay bills and still treat myself. I discovered what field I’m good at and went to pursue a career in it while learning in the process. I learned how to be a good friend, employee or role model to my younger colleagues. I learned how to love and get over a broken heart. I learned how to appreciate life and those people around me. Most of all, I learned that happiness is something you cannot find from somewhere else, something or someone else but yourself.

14. All the nights I spent in tears

It’s not about what was keeping me up crying, but those long nights prepared me to face the next day with my head up. It unburdened me of all the tough emotions I buried deep within.

15. All the right decisions I made

I get so caught up in blaming myself for making bad decisions that I forget to be thankful for all the times I made the right call. I’m thankful for all the chances I turned down, all the times I said “No”. For all the times I decided to try again instead of giving up and letting go. For all the times I chose to stay instead of walking away and the times I chose to turn my back. I’m thankful for having taken the step to change my course into something I’m passionate about. I’m thankful, even, to the second, third and many more chances I gave some people even when they didn’t deserve it. It’s so easy to regret the wrong choices I made in the past. But all the wrong and right decisions I made has worked out for the better to bring me to where I am now and I’m thankful for that.

16. Each waking moment

Every morning when I wake up, I’m thankful for the good night’s rest and another day of life I have been given. It means another chance to grow, to love, to fix my past mistakes and to be with my loved ones. It’s another chance to meet new people and learn new things. It’s a new beginning.

17. Everyone who motivated me to do better

I’m thankful to the ones who encouraged me and supported me through every decision I made. I’m also thankful to those who criticized me and waited for my next mistake, they motivated me to work hard and prove to myself that I don’t need their validation. I just needed to accept myself.

18. All the beautiful songs I listen to

The lively pop music to improve my mood. The sad ones to sympathise with me through its lyrics. And the ones that helped me express myself.

19. All the jokes I’ve heard or seen

It made me laugh until I’m breathless and forget my worries.

20. Everyone who loves me

It’s not so easy to befriend or stay with someone as complicated as I am so I’m thankful to everyone who stuck with me through the good times and the bad. I’m most thankful to those who have seen me in my darkest moments and helped me get through them. I’m thankful to those who genuinely care about me and for all the laughter we shared.

21. Myself

For being strong even in times when I loved myself the least. For taking the necessary steps and help I needed for my mental health. It’s so easy to throw out destructive words to ourselves. I’m thankful for being able to find the strength and reasons to carry on.

22. God

I’m ever so grateful for the guidance, blessings and protection I received. I’m thankful for all the times I wasn’t given the things I asked for. It taught me that I don’t need everything that I think I want because He will provide what I need. And sometimes unfortunate things happen in order for the good ones to take place. Every point in this list came to me because of Him and my soul is forever grateful.