22 People On How They Would Choose To Die If ‘In My Sleep’ Wasn’t An Option


1. “Getting shot in the head, the back of the head so I couldn’t see it coming.” –Haley, 24

2. “I’d want to die in surgery so I could donate my organs to someone in need.” –Anna, 25

3. “Yikes. Probably something quick and painless. I’d pick an assault rifle to the dome or getting my head chopped off.” –Dylan, 25

4. “I want to die doing something I love. Hopefully it’ll happen when I’m doing tricks on my snowboard or dirt bike. I just want it to be from something I love so hopefully it makes it less painful for my family.” –Kevin, 29

5. “I’d want to die from drowning from going down on a girl in a hot tub.” –Brad, 26

6. “I’ve always had this weird curiosity about being kidnapped. I think if I had to choose I’d want to be kidnapped by someone, tied up and fucked then poisoned right after so I’d never have to try to live a normal life after.” –Bella, 27

7. “Old age, surrounded by family and just have my heart give out.” –Kara, 22

8. “I would die protecting someone I love. I would jump on a grenade or take a bullet to save their life, not for the honor, but because their life is more important than my own.” –Evan, 30

9. “A massive heart attack while receiving the world’s greatest blowjob from the woman of my choosing.” –Jacob, 28

10. “I’d probably want to die doing something heroic, like putting my sister’s life ahead of mine. If we were running and I saw a car coming at her, I’d put myself in front of it to stop it from hitting her. I’d prefer to go protecting the life of someone I love.” –Emily, 23

11. “I’d like to die on a four day coke binge in a brothel in Vegas.” –Peter, 28

12. “I’d be fine dying doing something adventurous that I love. If I died while jumping out of a plane or from sudden impact from a hit in my sport I’d be okay with it because at least I would die doing something I love.” –Michael, 26

13. “Is being fucked to death by thousands of women an option? Because if it is that’s how I want to go out.” –Jim, 25

14. “I’d probably die in a burning building after rescuing everyone inside. I’d put other’s lives before my own every time.” –Jesse, 29

15. “I would like to die laughing, that way when people think of me the last memory they’ll have of me is laughing and not being scared to die.” –Sue, 33

16. “I would kill myself, I would severely injury the one person who has caused me more pain than anything in this world, then I would kill myself while he suffered.” –Rachael, 31

17. “I’d like to drown in beer, like swim around in pools of beer and get so hammered I wouldn’t know what was going on and just die blacked out in happiness.” –Casey, 23

18. “A shipwreck. It would be awful and I know it’s every sailors worst nightmare, but if I had to die I would want it to be on my boat because at least I would die with the one thing I love most in this world.” –Billy, 29

19. “I’d want to die of a drug overdose right after partying with Miley Cyrus for a week straight.” –Kyla, 22

20. “I’d want to die with the person I love somehow on an adventure we’re taking because I couldn’t live without him and I’d rather die with him than of a broken heart.” –Heather, 28

21. “I’d want to be shot walking through the woods alone. That way no one would be around to see me die, but I could die in peace and quiet in nature.” –Tom, 26

22. “My top pick would be getting mauled by a lion on a safari in Africa.” –Aimee, 24