22 People Reveal The Strangest Celebrity Crush They Had As A Teenager


I was talking with a few of my friends about some of the more bizarre celebrity crushes we had as teenagers. It’s just a confusing time in your life because you’re just a big ball of hormones and acne so the attractions are never predictable. I decided to ask a few others their strangest crushes. Here are the results. Also I would like to note that the first one is mine. Please don’t judge me.

1. I was so attracted to Kimmy Gibbler when I was younger. Every time she put that head full of curly hair up in a banana clip I just lost it.

2. I had a big crush on the country singer Aaron Tippin because I thought he looked like my dad. Is that weird? That’s weird, right?

3. Danny Wood from NKOTB because all of my friends thought he was ugly so I got to keep all of the Danny posters from Teen Beat that they didn’t want. Major crush.

4. I think I was a middle aged man as a teenager because my biggest crushes were Lea Thompson on Caroline in the City and Brooke Shields on Suddenly Susan.

5. Oh god I had a huge crush on Six from Blossom. I spent so much time in the shower because of her.

6. I had a thing for Tony Danza when he was on Who’s the Boss. He was so authoritative and hot.

7. I crushed HARD on Stefan, Steve Urkel’s alter-ego. But then again, who didn’t?

8. Literally every female on Step by Step. I had to sit with my legs crossed every time our family watched TGIF.

9. I had a crush on Max Headroom. I guess it was his lovely hair and killer shades.

10. I can’t believe I’m admitting this but my dad was huge into basketball which meant I also watched it all the time. I ended up having a massive crush on Dikembe Mutombo. I had posters of him in my room and everything. My parents just thought I really liked the Denver Nuggets.

11. Is it weird that I had a crush on Michaelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? He had the raddest vernacular.

12. Remember the show My Two Dads? Not Paul Reiser, the other guy. He looked like he was in the band Alabama, but in a hot way.

13. I cried at a Duran Duran concert because I was so overwhelmed by John Taylor. I sobbed like a lunatic for the first hour.

14. I had a big crush on this old guy that sang in a trio at my church one time. I know he’s not technically a celebrity but I thought he was the coolest thing ever. Looking back, he was not.

15. Maybe the crush wasn’t weird, but I loved Luke Perry so much that I wrote him fan mail almost weekly. I got the envelope returned to me and I was crushed. I had asked him for a pair of Nikes.

16. Chun Li from Street Fighter was definitely my weirdest crush. All those high kicks in that short skirt omg.

17. I definitely had a crush on the California Raisins. I think it was because I was really into musicians and, well, they were technically musicians, right?

18. I really thought I was going to date Reba McEntire one day. So far, no luck.

19. This is really weird but I had this bizarre crush on Paul Bearer from the WWE for a summer. It was a confusing time in my life.

20. Lola Bunny was the hottest cartoon animal of all time.

21. Jim Carrey was my teen crush. I was obsessed. Now he’s a weird overly medicated psychotic person to me, so I’m definitely over it.

22. I don’t think I have any that would really qualify as weird, but I think I got way too obsessed with Hilary from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Seriously, it was a bit much.