22+ People Who Deserve A National Holiday More Than Christopher Columbus


1. Stevie Wonder because he is a national treasure and gave us this song:


2. Meryl Streep because there is no role on earth that she cannot play well.

3. Chritiane Amanpour for being one of the few journalists left who is actually worthy of that profession.

4. Pierce Morgan because he’s an Arsenal fan and well, so am I.

5. In fact the entire Arsenal F.C. team. (Yes, I know I live in the U.S.A)

6. Michael Jordan because he is the greatest there ever was. (And after him it’s Kobe. Sit down Lebron fans)

7. Tom Brady because of last night.

8. Daniel Day-Lewis solely for his role in Lincoln.

9. Bob Dylan because well, he’s Bob Dylan and music as we know it wouldn’t really exist without him.

10. Tina Turner because she gave us, “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and looks more fabulous now than most twenty somethings can ever dream of in “our best years.”

11. Christian Louboutin for using different shades of “nude” for his Nude Collection.

12. Beyoncé for being Beyoncé.

13. Shonda Rhimes for giving us Scandal and somehow managing to still make Grey’s Anatomy a thing.

14. Tina Fey because without her Mean Girls would not exist.

15. Whoever invented cheesecake and cookies because today is National Dessert Day.

16. The guy who owns the Austrian Bakery in my Chicago neighborhood because he has desserts called, “Rum balls” and while I anticipate a lot of puns due to this name, that dessert alone proves that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

17. Whoever invented Happy Hour.

18. whatgoodwoulditdo – because as another TC commenter put it once, “She might be the best commenter in the history of the world.”

19. Chelsea Fagan for this article called, “5 Terrifying Things I Will Do If I Like You” thus making all Gen Y girls feel less crazy, and as Stephanie Georgopulos put it, “This article for president.”

20. Demanda Darling, for coming up with, “It’s called a look, not a touch,” a phrase that I have often have to repeat to strangers who insist on putting their crummy hands in my hair.

21. Dora the Explorer because when she travels, she doesn’t exterminate the natives.

22. Every single decent human being on the planet who did not “discover” another part of the world, commit genocide, and spread disease. (You and I have made it friends!)

image – Håkan Dahlström