22 Signs Your Life Isn’t Going As Planned


1. You don’t really know how to explain your job, because you’re constantly hesitating between “making it sound less crappy” and “making people understand what it actually is.”

2. You spend most of your time at work staring out the window and waiting until the times when you can go to lunch or go home.

3. When you go out with your successful friends, you find yourself mostly jealous of all the things they’re accomplishing while you have mostly been hanging out on the internet.

4. Even if you were directly asked, you would never fully admit how much time you actually spend on the internet.

5. There was a time when you used to keep things organized and make lists for the things that you wanted to accomplish, but at a certain point, you stopped checking them — and then just stopped making them entirely.

6. You always imagined yourself surrounded with people who motivate you, but you never get that rush of “Wow, I should be really doing something, too!” You either feel unsupported or ignored.

7. Because of this, you often default to hanging out with your friends who aren’t really doing much either, so you don’t feel so bad about yourself.

8. You’re not keeping up on much news, and it’s constantly making you look like an idiot in conversation.

9. You are embarrassed to have people over to your apartment, because it definitely doesn’t look like the apartment you imagine someone your age should have.

10. None of your dishes or cups match.

11. You have stopped keeping up with a lot of friends that you meant to keep in touch with, and you have gotten to the point where it would be kind of awkward to start randomly talking to them again.

12. Looking back, you’re not exactly sure why you studied what you studied, especially because you basically never use it in your job or your day-to-day life.

13. You don’t read nearly as much as you used to, or you want to.

14. Most of your expenses are extremely mundane things that you never wanted to have: car insurance when you wanted to be biking or walking, business clothes for a job you hate, parking tickets because you have to drive in from the suburbs.

15. The best part of your day is food and the internet.

16. You don’t put nearly any pictures up on Facebook, not because you don’t want to overshare, but because you aren’t doing anything worth sharing or talking about.

17. You secretly get jealous when people get more “likes” on their posts than you do.

18. You’re not quite sure what your measurements of success or happiness are anymore, and they always used to be so clear-cut in your life.

19. You are always thinking (and talking about) how much you miss being in school.

20. You don’t feel like your interests and activities and opinions on things are really evolving as you grow, and you’re starting to feel like you’re just becoming an older version of the same person instead of a new person altogether.

21. No one has anything to really compliment you on when they see you after a long time.

22. Pretty much all the stuff you want to do, you end up talking yourself out of at a certain point because, who cares, it’s so much easier to just stay home and watch stolen movies.

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image – faith goble