22 Subtle Ways He Strings You Along Without You Realizing


1. He tells you he misses you but never makes plans to hang out with you.

2. He likes all of your Instagram posts but takes forever to answer your texts.

3. He sends you messages late at night but never answers you in the morning

4. He talks about all of the places he wants to bring you and all of the stuff he wants to do together but whenever you actually ask him to come over he claims he is unavailable.

5. He makes plans with you and then backs out of them at the last second because something came up.

6. He treats you like you are his girlfriend but then he introduces you as a friend.

7. He flirts with you like crazy and takes every opportunity to touch you but you have seen him do that with other girls too.

8. He double texts you somedays and other days he ignores your texts completely.

9. He has complimented you on your eyes and your hair and your body but he has never complimented you on anything internal.

10. He invites you over to his place to watch Netflix but he never takes you on an official date in public where other people will see you.

11. He sleeps with you and might even cuddle with you for a little while but he always leaves before morning instead of staying the night and eating breakfast together.

12. He promises you that he will introduce you to his parents and take you out for drinks with his friends but he never follows through.

13. He has intense, in-depth conversations with you about the universe but he never gives out any personal information about himself.

14. He gets jealous whenever you spend too much time with another boy but he is surrounded by other girls all the time.

15. He tells you how much he likes you but he also tells you he is not ready for a relationship right now.

16. He talks to you nonstop over the phone but never makes time to see you in person.

17. He acts flirtatious one week and makes you think a real relationship is on the horizon — and then goes missing the next week and makes you wonder whether he is ever going to reappear or whether he is gone for good this time.

18. He does most of his flirting with you over snapchat where the messages are automatically deleted but doesn’t like to talk over text where the messages are saved.

19. He acts like he’s paying close attention to you and cares about you but he never remembers any of the little things about you.

20. Whenever he sees you, he is on top of you, kissing you and touching you, but it’s rare that you have an actual conversation.

21. He has invited you over to his place a few times but only when it’s late and only when he’s drunk.

22. Most days, he seems interested but he also sends mixed signals that make you question whether he has been leading you on this entire time.