22 Things That Only Suck For People Who Hate Change


1. Your room has probably looked the same for many years, even though you have many ideas for how you wish it would look.

2. On that note, you probably have a love/hate relationship with freshly cleaned rooms, simply because clean rooms look way too brand new. Even though they are much nicer to be in.

3. You’re naturally attracted to timeless style, just because it takes you longer to adapt to drastic fashion trends.

4. Making new friends is not a regular activity for you. Getting used to a new social circle is just too much to handle!

5. Things change between you and your friend, causing you stress. Why are they suddenly acting different from how they used to? All you want is the old (insert name) back!

6. Eating the same few foods, and constantly being called a bland or picky eater.

7. If someone cancels a brilliant plan, you immediately want to cry. “What do they mean they don’t want to go to the state fair tomorrow, You’ve been preparing to ride the damn ferris wheel for two months!”

8. Your mother gets a haircut, and you get all emotional. It’s too hard for you to enjoy her new hair, even if it’s a great cut.

9. You can’t seem to wrap your head around why your college roommate switched majors. I mean you believed her to be a good singer. So why, WHY did she have to drop out of vocal performance?

10. Wanting to tone up/ gain muscle/ lose a million pounds, but not wanting to change “lifestyles.” Life is going to suck not being able to have mom’s spaghetti for two months!

11. Your friend tells you that she isn’t going to play softball this spring, forcing you to need to find a new friend on the team. No thought is worse!

12. Sudden plans to get drinks are rough. You don’t wanna say no, so you end up taking up on the invite. Your palms really start to break a sweat as you get ready. You really were just gonna stay at home and eat pizza while rocking your pajamas.

13. Working at a job with a not-so-pleasant boss. All you wanna do is quit, but you don’t cause you’ll have to get used to a whole new work environment.

14. Getting sick on days you had great plans always sucks.

15. Having tremendous sympathy for the kids whose parents always changed jobs, because they always had to change schools.

16. Getting mad just because your grandmother for not bringing her exquisite stuffed peppers to your family’s annual pot luck. Which are truly the only good part of family functions.

17. Nothing causes you more stress than finding out that your flight is delayed. Even if it’s only for fifteen minutes.

18. Your significant other suddenly wants Olive Garden, and your mad cause you’ve wanted P.F. Chang’s all day!

19. Your aunts lasagna tastes slightly off. She totally forgot to use whole milk ricotta! Her meal is going to be pretty hard to eat now.

20. You family’s vacation to Cancun gets cancelled due to finances, and you have to find a way to have fun at home.

21. New semesters always suck because you won’t have your dope english prof anymore.

22. Getting a diploma or degree sounds amazing, but you don’t wanna graduate.