22 Things You Can Relate To If You Went To A Small Town High School


1. On the first day of classes you heard your teachers calling students names for attendance and asking about their parents or siblings because they either taught them or went to school with them.

2. And you probably got called your siblings name a time or two by mistake.

3. Your bus route had the same people on it your entire life.

4. On your first day you walked into high school and you felt like you already knew everyone because you’ve went to school with them all before.

5. On Fridays everyone went to the football game, even if the team was crap.

6. There were no secrets; everyone knew everything.

7. Which was probably also the same line your mom used when you started lying to her about where you were going on a Friday night.

8. Your parties were mostly on dirt roads and open fields.

9. You’d use a spot until the cops started coming and you couldn’t go there anymore, then you’d hunt for the next spot.

10. During hunting season people would come to school head to toe in their camo and hunting boots.

11. But most people did that on a day-to-day basis, regardless of the season.

12. You probably had a flannel Friday that everyone participated in, even though no one announced it officially.

13. You surely owned one good pair of cowboy boots, even if you didn’t live on a farm because they were just the thing to have. Plus they’re super comfy.

14. When you’d get bored on the weekend you’d probably go to Walmart or Tractor Supply to entertain yourselves because you knew you’d be bound to see other people you knew.

15. You had a go-to teacher who always had your back.

16. You were probably on a sports team because there was nothing else going on.

17. It was so easy to be famous in your small town for being an athlete.

18. You watched people date the same group of friends over and over, it was honestly exhausting.

19. It felt like everyone was someone else’s ex so dating was extremely challenging.

20. Everyone drove a truck and if they didn’t they wanted to.

21. And you probably spent hours making out in those trucks.

22. Everyone constantly complained about how much they hated it, but no one ever left.