22 Tough Realizations I’ve Learned About Love In 22 Years


1. Things don’t go as planned.

2. Things fall apart.

3. Things will always fall back together, they just may not be in the way that you imagined or with the person you imagine.

4. Don’t ever love someone more than yourself.

5. It’s hard to figure our important life and career decisions in these crucial years while tied to someone else. Don’t underestimate how difficult this is.

6. I don’t want to love anyone again for a while.

7. Love takes a lot out of you.

8. A shattered plate will not and cannot be perfectly put back together.

9. Self-love will protect you.

10. Self-love will help you ride the violent waves of ups and downs.

11. Never give too much of yourself.

12. There will always be someone else that will be totally interested in you even if the person you’re with is not.

13. Sometimes people simply do not have the capacity to love you how you need to be loved. It is not fair, but try not to take this personally.

14. A person’s capacity to love you usually has nothing to do with you, but with their personal circumstances.

15. Don’t lower your personal standards to accommodate your situation. EVEN if you might lose the person and/or this requires ending the relationship.

16. Don’t ever praise your partner for doing the bare minimum or for doing things that they’re supposed to be doing.

17. Have no regrets for exercising every option before saying bye to the relationship.

18. Emotional cheating is still cheating.

19. Self-love is the only love that you should ever go out of your way to seek.

20. People are not possessions. People are not property.

21. Your decision to stay or leave should not be affected by the opinion
of others.

22. Love itself does not justify staying together if the timing is bad.