22 WTF Commercials That Could Never Air In America


1. An English anti-drunk driving ad


2. A Dutch commercial for Friesche Vlag cream


3. A Russian ad

The tagline of this is “soak this boredom.” In Russian, this is only one letter away from “soak this bitch,” a popular slang phrase that translates “to violently kill a woman or person.”

4. A UK anti-drunk driving ad


5. Possibly the weirdest French ad of all time


6. An ad against texting while driving


7. A Russian Skittles commercial


8. A UK anti-smoking commercial


9. An ad for Satis-Fashion Sportswear


10. Some sort of anti-drug ad, aired in the UK


11. A Nando’s commercial


12. Your average Russian sausage commercial


Once, we will meet for sure. You will fall in love with me at first glance. And of course, we will be together righta way. You will touch me with your elegant fingers, and we will merge together into a coherent whole. You—so beautiful and modern, and I—sausage from the Meat Empire

13. A Japanese beer commercial starring Arnold Schwarzenegger


14. An old-school Levi’s commercial, first aired in the UK


15. A Japanese commercial for high blood pressure


16. A Japanese fleshlight commercial


17. A Belgium condom commercial


18. An extremely drawn out Japanese “breast holder” commercial


19. A Norwegian Ikea commercial


20. A Chinese commercial for breast stimulators


21. Japanese commercial for Epson


22. And a commercial for Quay toothpaste that is actually just sex