23 Gifs Of Baby Elephants That Will Brighten Your Day


1. This lil’ tyke

2. Hello to you too!

3. I love wave

4. Roughhousing!

5. Oops

6. You wanna fight?!

7. You scared me!

8. I love you, man

9. Give me all the mud!

10. A lil’ trip

11. Soccer rules!

12. How do I work this thing

13. Bloobitybloopbloopbloooooop

14. Don’t you know who I am?!

15. How do I make these legs work?

16. Slidin’ down a hill

17. Iiiiit’s lunchtime lunchtime lunchtime

18. Get off of me! Get off of me!


20. Achoo!

21. My trunk is stuck!

22. Hey, hey, where you going? You’re it!

23. I love you, mom

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featured image – Flickr / Arno Meintjes