23 Gross Habits That Seem More Forgivable In The Person You Love


1. Cutting fingernails and toenails without a proper receptacle for the clippings to fall into.

2. Leaving nail bits on the bathroom counter.

3. Ditto to hair clippings (pubic, or nose).

4. Failing to rinse the bathroom sink free of toothpaste goo.

5. Ditto to Listerine tinted backwash.

6. And, of course, loogies.

7. Plucking nose hairs out in the open.

8. Or popping zits.

9. Worse yet, requesting that you pop one of their zits, as if it’s some kind of bonding opportunity.

10. Insisting that you might want to watch as they “excavate” an ingrown hair.

11. Going to the bathroom with the door open.

12. So they can announce the play-by-play of their bowel movement.

13. Eagerly asking if they can peak at your poop.

14. Then commenting on its shape, size, and consistency.

15. Burping like an earthquake with their mouth open, then telling you exactly what it smells like—as if it’s some kind of surprise, and not just a function of whatever they ate that day.

16. Farting with abandon, then proudly characterizing the specific nature of the rancid smell that just came from their ass.

17. Dutch ovens.

18. Casual armpit sniffing to double check for freshness.

19. Foot or shoe sniffing for the same reason.

20. Picking scabs and/or picking yours without asking.

21. I’m-a-camel gum smacking.

22. Or food chewing.

23. Worse yet, sticking their tongue out to display the minced food. Because they’re on “a seafood diet.” SEE food. Get it?!