23 Hilarious (And Sweet) Jenny Slate Tweets That Will Vastly Improve Your Day


Perhaps you know her as the co-creator of Marcel the Shell, or as Jean-Ralphio’s sister on ‘Parks and Recreation.’ But regardless of what you know her from, this comedian’s Twitter account is something you cannot miss. Here are 23 of her funniest (and occasionally touching) tweets.

1. Things to do when you can’t get a manicure:



2. What to remember when you’re overwhelmed and need some perspective:



3. A sweet reminder of the joy of loving someone: 



4. Björk:



5. What to do when drunk and alone:



6. Just LOVE ME:



7. How to handle a life crisis:



8. Proof that all monuments look THE SAME:



9. How to embrace a healthy lifestyle:



10. The way you should feel about sweet old couples:



11. How to survive Monday:



12. The real truth that the moon brings out:



13. Some thoughts about cats:



14. How to be other:



15. The reason why the best compliments come from dogs:



16. Truth bomb:



17. All the feelz: 


18. PMS described in the most accurate way possible: 



19. Smoothie + diarrhea = Republican Debate:



20. Fear is the absence of exclamation points:



21. Not LOL-ing at this is impossible: 



22. How to wear a crop top: 



23. The opposite of complaining about air travel: