23 Hilarious E-Cards That Explain ‘Being An Adult’ Better Than You Ever Could


As usual, God bless Someecards for reminding us that we are not alone in our attempt at ‘adulting.’

1. Double jeopardy. 


2. Jobs suck less when everyone else is unhappy too.


3. Because we’re at the age where ‘being skinny’ doesn’t just naturally happen.


4. How else will you dull the pain?


5. Is there any better high than canceling plans?


6. Too much talking too early in the morning.


7. Bravery, pure bravery. 


8. Hooray for meetings that could have happened over email. 


9. We must be strong during this trying time. 


10. Please post more statuses. 


11. Answer: a lot. 


12. Financial responsibility.


13. I guess this is the way things go now.


14. This says so, so much.


15. Monday can ruin anything.


16. Silver lining.


17. I’d save millions!


18. Enjoying nature from afar.


19. This is asking a lot.


20. True love. 


21. Can’t stop won’t stop.


22. …For now.


23. Or maybe both!