23 Little Facts Of Life Every 20-Something Should Remember


1. The allure of being 21 will last until somebody doesn’t card you because they assume you’re old enough.

2. Everyone knows what you’re trying to accomplish with the skinnyarm pose.

3. Studying — and traveling — abroad really does completely change you.

4. Yes, by all means, date the person all your friends tell you NOT to date.

5. Volunteering is one of the best experiences out there. You’re both giving back to the community AND potentially networking. Win-win.

6. Everyone has a bit of good to them, and everyone has a bit of bad. Distinction is key.

7. Yes, it is possible to graduate college and have no idea what you’ll do with that degree. It is possible to be 10 years out of college and have no idea what you’ll do with that degree.

8. People will fall for the idea of you, but won’t always stick around for the real you. Don’t get hung up when these people leave.

9. At 2am, you don’t know what’s good for you. Ever.

10. Sunscreen isn’t really a “suggestion.”

11. Going out to dinner with friends means dining with them and their iPhones. Only you can prevent this. Only you can stand up for what’s right.

12. Time proves who deserves priority in your life.

13. Once you graduate, it’s no longer as socially acceptable to indulge in Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night specials at the college bar. You just condense all of that into Sunday brunch.

14. Holding onto bitterness only damages you.

15. Facebook stalking is a competitive sport. May the odds be ever in your favor.

16. You can decide that a career you’ve dreamed of for years is no longer what you want, and that’s totally okay.

17. A penny saved is a penny for Dollar Drinks night.

18. You can tell yourself you’ll never be in a long distance relationship, but then the right one comes along and it couldn’t be more worth it.

19. Nothing is as cathartic as unfriending a toxic friend on Facebook. It’s scientifically proven to be good for your soul.

20. Life becomes real once you start attending your friends’ weddings.

21. Moving back in with your parents temporarily is not the end of the world.

22. Singing along violently to songs about vindictive break ups with your friends can be the best remedy for a broken heart.

23. Subtweeting about an issue doesn’t actually fix it.