23 Painful Things About Loving Recklessly


There’s nothing like pain brought about by unfortunate circumstances your heart has gotten itself into. Your brain wants to help but it can only do so much as it struggles with keeping itself functioning amidst the troubles that your tattered and weary heart faces.

Here, are the most painful things all of us who have loved with reckless abandon have experienced at one point or another. Because behind every grin from ear to ear and the laughter we’ve mastered to fake, is a wretched soul and a broken heart who longs for the one who made it feel life was worth it, even for just a second.

1. When you know it can’t be and won’t ever be, either in this world or another.

2. When you’ve given it your all and it still doesn’t work.

3. When you said “I love you” and the response you get is “Thank you”

4. When you screwed up the first time and you know that not even crying blood can make you worthy of a second chance.

5. When you realize you’re not worth the truth.

6. When you made the wrong decision but being sorry to death doesn’t earn you another chance to make things right.

7. When every person around you knows you’re being screwed over and you don’t.

8. When you look everywhere and you see nothing but him or her.

9. When you get through the mundane to the most important tasks of the day without him/her because you know you’ve got to.

10. When you do your best to fake your best smile every waking hour so nobody notices that you’re dying inside.

11. When you do your fucking best to make them see you’re worth the fight but they refuse to open their eyes.

12. When you spend the night in the arms of someone who’s as lost as you and you attempt to figure out why love is just so fucking hard.

13. When he/she tells you to fuck off during the times they don’t see why your heart beats for them.

14. When you toss and turn in your bed at night because even in your sleep, you don’t have shortage of his/her painful memories.

15. When you realize you were just lead on but he or she didn’t really have the attention to love you at all.

16. When you see how fucking easy it is for them to leave and never look back.

17. When you realize you were never a loss for him/her but rather a good riddance.

18. When you’ve reached the point where you’ve forgotten about who you are just so you can give what he/she wants and needs but it’s never enough.

19. When you see him or her not even having a hard time living while you’re doing your best to not lose your sanity.

20. When you wake up in the middle of the night knowing that there’s nothing that you can ever do to wake up again next to him or her.

21. When you know that not even drinking yourself to death will ease you of the pain in the first few days of parting ways.

22. When you try to be fine but you know you’ve lost a very crucial part of you and your life would never be the same again.

23. When you try to keep a hold of the memories you have of him or her but even the cosmos works so hard to take them away from you.