23 People Reveal Some Shocking Truths About Their Job


Found on r/AskReddit.

1. Whoa

Everything chicken at Chick-Fil-A is not prepackaged and in fact hand filleted and breaded in the store.

2. Whoa

As the night front desk person at a hotel:

1. I’m the only one of the desk people that can more or less tell you to shove it with impunity.

2. The amount of women willing to “do whatever it takes” to get me to open up the pool.

3. That my average shift is ~2 hours of work, 1 hour of looking busy and 5 hours of doing homework, or playing video games.

3. Whoa

Sound Engineer here. No band is HALF as good as you think they are. Including live performances.

4. Whoa

I work for a major TV network. The amount of catering thrown at us in meetings could feed a small country. It’s beyond wasteful and makes me cringe every time.

5. Whoa

When I was a pizza delivery driver, the number of people strangely comfortable with opening their own door naked would probably surprise most people.

6. Whoa

I’m part of a regression testing team for software. The amount of time I spend browsing Reddit while my automated test cases execute is staggering.

7. Whoa

I manage a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. The number of times I’ve caught kids (and sometimes adults) sticking their nasty ass fingers in the toppings and/or licking the spoons and tongs is downright ridiculous.

It’s not that they’re not immediately cleaned out and sanitized– they are– But I’m one person working a pretty big store with a lot of other things going on. The number of times I DO catch them makes me afraid of how many times I didn’t.

8. Whoa

How many times the wrong house is chosen during an eviction. For every story you hear in the news, there are at least 10 that settle out of court.

I seriously dont understand how a bank can screw that up.


I work at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in a bad part of town in Louisiana. All of our seafood is fresh, locally caught. All of our vegetables/fruits were either grown at the owner’s house or bought from a local. Nothing we use is ever frozen. It’s all crazy fresh and the owner is very very serious about it. He gives away day-old produce to the staff. He’s also very serious about never telling anyone how fresh it is.

Freshest food in the area and nobody knows it.


I work in an all natural health food to-go place. A LOT of our ingredients come from Sysco. Free range, grass fed, locally sourced? Nope, nope, aaaaand nope.

11. Whoa

I work in a potato plant and there are several things that would piss people off.

We send out product that we know is bad only to get it back and replace the top two layers on a pallet with fresh product.

We get product returned it is then sorted and repackaged, then sent right back.

Mysterious fine black dust comes from the vents and accumulates in the storage area.

I can’t think of any more right now but it’s pretty gross.

12. Whoa

I used to work in Social Media and most people don’t seem to understand that the CEO of the major corporation you are tweeting at is NOT reading your tweets or Facebook posts. Its actually a 20 something with basically no real power other than generic form responses that we grab off of a book created by corporate.

Oh you don’t like the dress code policy turns to page 27 paragraph 2 for response. copies and pastes.

We have the ability to forward your posts to someone higher up to see if they can give you your money back, but we won’t if you are a jackass to us or post something incredibly dumb. Once, I had a customer repeatedly Facebook us in increasingly threatening tones because there was a price increase of $0.01 – which wasn’t even our fault but because of a tax increase in the state.

Also, you should know that we are making fun of you. So much fun of you.

13. Yikes

Air Traffic Controller at a very busy airport in a very large city…

If you would amazed/terrified if you knew how close airplanes come in and around busy airports. Here is your example.

You are in plane A on a 5 mile final (5 miles from edge of the start of the runway coming straight in). plane B that is in front of you just landed. As Plane B is rolling out (slowing down) Plane C lines up at the edge of the runway waiting for Plane B to exit the runway. Your plane (Plane A) is now 2-3 miles from the edge of the runway with Plane C sitting on the same runway filled with over 100 people. Plane B exits the runway, and Plane C barrels down the runway. Plane C rotates and gets airborne right as your plane crosses the edge of the runway.

Rinse, repeat over and over.

It’s like a well oiled machine.

14. What

Teller at a large bank in the southeast. Our teller system is run on software that’s almost three decades old. When we process your transactions, it’s on a black MS-Dos screen. This is the ENTIRE company.

15. Ugh, so much ugh

Worked at Jim Borton’s in Canadia.

Customer shat on the floor next to the toilet. Had to be intentional, it wasn’t even close to the toilet bowl. I was charged with cleaning it. So I mopped for like 20 minutes…. ugh. So runny.

So I asked my manager what I should do with the mop, cuz it was mostly sh*t by now. She told me to put it in the back and she would take care of it.

I go on my break.

I come back from my break to see the manager mopping the kitchen with the SAME EXACT MOP. No change in mophead. No change in mop bucket. This is where all baking is done, this is where all food prep is done, and this is where all employees pass through to do everything.

Now with a healthy coat of someone’s diarrhea.

16. Whoa

I used to work for a Hunglass Sut. For starters, all of our sunglasses are made by the same parent company, so the only difference between a pair of $50 Arnettes and $300 Prada lenses is the name. Furthermore, our return policy is 90 days, no questions asked. However, you can exchange a pair for up to a year. A returned/exchanged pair is not checked, refurbished, or anything. We just slap a new price tag on it and sell it as new.

17. Yup

I worked for a large clothing retailer that took stuff off of Etsy, copied it, and resold it to the masses. I can promise you that almost EVERY single clothing company does this – so etsy sellers, beware. if you think you see something similar to your product in a retail store, someone probably bought your product from you and knocked it off in a factory.

18. Oops

I work from home.

I often wonder what people would think if they knew the person they were speaking to was drunk and naked.

19. Injection sites are the problem?

I work in the oilfield. Half the people would be shocked to find out about the misconceptions they hear in the media and by radical environmentalists are false. The other half would be shocked by the bad things that happen out here that the media and radical environmentalists don’t ever talk about.

20. Whoa

I worked as a horse trainer at Medieval Times and the amount of abuse to the animals and staff (I’m talking about the show staff, no idea about the wenches and such) is ridiculous. Many of our Andalusian stallions had gigantic carcinomas under their tails that went untreated. Horses would get ridden in three shows in a row with no break in the middle of summer. I frequently saw animals bloodied from spurs, whips and bits being yanked in their mouths. The “games horses” don’t even have proper stalls and just have a standing area (think cows when they are lined up to milk) and I rarely if ever saw one lie down.

21. Whoa

I used to work as a cashier/delivery driver at a sushi restaurant and a lot of people didn’t realize that the base of most of our rolls is a California roll.

I remember this one time a guy came in with his girlfriend and they ordered a volcano roll, which was a California roll, cut to form triangle, and topped with spicy mayo and broiled fish. I brought it out to them and as I was walking away I heard him call me back. Apparently he didn’t realize that it came with the sauce on top, because we put it in a container for delivery/pick up. He asked if he could get another one without the sauce because they both didn’t like it. A California roll was $3.75 and our Volcano roll was $7.25, so he was basically paying $3.50 more for it to be a certain shape.

22. Whoa

I worked and was trained for a very widespread retail clothing franchise that buys and resells ‘name-brand’ clothing – a few things

Rule #1: You’re going to be ripped off. If you bring in a brand new shirt from American Eagle, you’re not going to get anything near retail value and the person taking in your items will probably mark it as last season so you get paid even less.

Rule #2: That shit you ‘donate’ is probably going to be resold for complete profit or taken home by whichever employee spots it first.

Rule #3: Just have a fucking yard sale at your rich grandmothers house, you’ll get way more than if you take it to a consignment store.

23. Dammit

I work at a college and the amount of money spent on salary and benefits for upper-level administrators is incredible. Especially considering that many of their job duties overlap.